Dr. Thomas Roberts

 Number of Years in Research Administration: 29

Institutions: Florida Gulf Coast University, Rush University Medical Center (adjunct professor), University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University


Tom Roberts has been a professional research administrator for 29 years. He has served various types of postsecondary institutions including comprehensive, doctoral granting, medical school, and major research university environments. He authored the first doctoral dissertation focusing specifically on the field of research administration and is recognized by his peers as an International Distinguished Faculty member in the field of research administration. 


Tom is an accomplished scholar and leader. He is the only two-time recipient (2007 and 2012) of the prestigious Rod Rose Award for Outstanding Scholarship from the Society of Research Administrators International. The award is given annually to an author of a published article judged by the Society of Research Administrators International Editorial Board to be the most outstanding contribution to that years’ volume of the Journal of Research Administration. In addition, he authored the first doctoral dissertation focusing specifically on the field of research administration and has mentored numerous research administration professionals and students. He has published numerous peer reviewed manuscripts and made dozens of conference and other invited presentations. Through the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) he advocated for the establishment of on-line master degree programs focusing specifically on the field of research administration. He served on the planning committee for such a degree program at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL and served as faculty in the program teaching one of the initial core required courses. He has served on nine different Boards of Directors ranging from local to international organizations. He is intelligent, articulate, and possesses a disarming persona conducive to problem solving.


Specific to NCURA, Tom has engaged in substantial scholarship and service activities. He has published eleven (11) peer reviewed manuscripts (or articles) and given twenty-four (24) presentations. Eight (8) presentations have been given at NCURA annual meetings, ten (10) have been presented at NCURA regional meetings, and the other six presentations given through other professional organizations specific to research administration. In terms of NCURA service related activities, Tom has been engaged at both the regional and national levels. Regionally, Tom has served in virtually every capacity possible including Chair of the Region. Nationally, Tom has served on two (2) annual meeting program committees, Chaired the Professional Development Committee, served on the Nominations, Leadership, and Development Committee, the Finance and Budget Committee, served as a mentor to up and coming research administrators, and was a member of the NCURA Board of Directors for two (2) years.  


Tom earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida and served as the founding Chief Research Officer (CRO) and authorized institutional representative at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida. He established the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and led the development of a complete and comprehensive research infrastructure. In helping build Florida Gulf Coast University he served in a variety of other roles. For example, he served as Associate Vice President for Off-Campus Programs and Continuing Education leading the development of off-campus sites, academic program offerings (both credit and non-credit), and lifelong learning opportunities. He also led several philanthropic fund raising efforts that resulted in major gifts to the university. He is well versed with governmental affairs and successfully led federal appropriation efforts that generated over $11 million in funding.   

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