Final Reports of Funded Projects

Leader Resilience and Leadership Styles of Director-Level Leaders of Sponsored Program Offices: a Mixed Methods Study

PI: Sonya Stern, University of Vermont

Co-PI: Dr. Bernice Garnett, University of Vermont


Best Practices for Research Analytics and Business Intelligence within the Research Domain

PI: Dr. Baron G. Wolf, University of Kentucky

Co-PI: Ms. Terri Hall, University of Notre Dame

Co-PI: Dr. Katherine Robershaw, University of Kentucky


RE-Tool, Research Efficiency Tool

PI: Heather Cody, Assistant Director, Clinical Research Finance, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth)


PREPARE: A Mentoring Program to Develop Research Advocates

PI: Karen Fletcher, Grants Resources & Services Director, Appalachian State University


Global Mentoring Program for Research Administrators

PI: Mary Catherine 'MC' Gaisbauer, Business and Integration Manager, University of California - San Francisco

Co-PI: Georgina Lopez, Director of Finance & Administration, University of California - San Francisco

Co-PI: Winona Ward, Director of Sponsored Research, University of California - San Francisco


Marginalization in Research Administration Survey- Final Progress Report

PI: Karen Lux Gaudreault, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, University of New Mexico

Co-PI: Ruby Lynch-Arroyo, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at El Paso


Increasing the Odds of the Return on University Investments into Faculty Research: Skills versus Money

PI: Kathryn Hendry, Senior Grant Specialist & Internal Grants Coordinator, University of West Florida


Research Administration around the World

PI: Simon Kerridge, Director of Research Policy & Support, University of Kent

Co-PI: Stephanie F. Scott, Director of Policy and Research Development, Columbia University


Model Policy Development to Reduce Administrative and Faculty Burden

PI: Lisa E. Mosely, Assistant Vice President, Arizona State University

Co-PI: Jeremy Forsberg, Assistant Vice President, University of Texas at Arlington

Co-PI: David Ngo, Assistant Vice President, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


The Problem with Contracts: A Triage Solution for Business Agreement Transactions

PI: Jennifer Ponting, Associate Vice President for Research Administration, University of Chicago

Co-PI: Tiffany Blackman, Senior Director of Pre-Award Services, Harvard University

Co-PI: Megan Moore, Associate Director, Pre-Award, Harvard University


Retention and Turnover of Early Career Research Administrators – Preliminary Results

PI: Jo Ann Smith, Director of Research Development, Florida Atlantic University