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Each year, NCURA publishes 6 editions of NCURA Magazine, management, perspectives on federal policy written by members and non-members, and the latest information and topics of interest to research administrators. The January/February 2019 issue introduced the Inclusion Initiatives column, which highlights new or ongoing diversity and inclusion ideas or processes (see the column's introductory announcement by Denise Moody here). Full digital editions of this year's Magazine Issues are available to NCURA members here. Issues from prior years are available to both members and the general public here.

Using DEI Data to Effect Change in the DEI Landscape
by Michelle Davis, Geraldine Pierre, and Tonya Pinkerton
August 2023
It’s Like a Jungle Sometimes…
by Lamar Oglesby and Chea Smith
May/June 2023
Subawards - Demanding and Rewarding
by Tameria Mace, Elena Andreeva, and Ritu Bhatia
March/April 2023
by Lamar Oglesby
January/February 2023
Addressing the Lack of Diversity in Research Participants
by Laneika Musalini
December 2022
The Greening of Research Administration
by Brittney Robertson Calwile, Diana Thrasher, and Shekinda Ward
October/November 2022
Ethics & Regulations through the Ages: The Role of Diversity in Research
by Carpantato (Tanta) Myles and Tracy Arwood
August 2022
Building an Inclusive Remote Culture
by Angela Garvin and Kontorra Davis
May/June 2022
The New Faces of Leadership and Educating Higher Education
by Lamar Oglesby and Rashonda Harris
March/April 2022
Harnessing Digital Tools for Recruitment in Research Administration: Striving for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
by Saiqa Anne Qureshi and Marianne Woods
January/February 2022
When Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are MORE than Just a Statement
by Tanya Blackwell
December 2021
Opportunities for White Research Administrators to Serve as Antiracists
by Bonniejean Zitske
October/November 2021
Has the Pandemic Provided Lasting Change for the Research Administrator?
by Theresa Caban and Loisa Guerrero Kalasa
August 2021
Making Events Inclusive for All: Attending vs. Including, Invited vs. Belonging
by Beatrice Sakyibea-Nyamekye, Geraldine Pierre, Saiqa Anne Qureshi, and Bonniejean Zitske
May/June 2021
Involvement and Being Differently-Abled: Inclusion for All
by Theresa Caban, Tolise Dailey, Saiqa Qureshi, and Marianne Woods
March/April 2021
Increasing Diversity in the Workforce: Unconscious Bias and Combating Name Discrimination
by Saiqa Anne Qureshi, Marianne Woods, and Laneika K. Musalini
January/February 2021
In Hindsight: The Vision of D&I in Research Administration. Where We Were, Where We Could Have Been, and Where We Are Going
by Theresa Caban, Saiqa Anne Qureshi, and Marianne Woods
December 2020
Empowered to Lead through Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
by Laneika K. Musalini
October/November 2020
Calling It Out: Responding to Bias and Stereotypes
by Saiqa Anne Qureshi and Tolise Dailey
August 2020
I'm Not Racist, I Have Black Friends
by Natasha Williams and Derick Jones
June 2020
Understanding Diversity and Equality: Managing Professional Etiquette Across Teams
by Saiqa Anne Qureshi and Jaime Petrasek
March/April 2020
Oh, The Places We Will Go! Diversity and Inclusion, Now What?
by Laneika K. Musalini
January/February 2020
Understanding Diversity: Research Study Design and Operationalization. The Role of the Research Administrator
by Saiqa Anne Qureshi and Jaime Petrasek
December 2019
Inclusion Without Borders
by Laneika K. Musalini
October/November 2019
Diversity Matters: Promoting Workplace Diversity in Research Administration
by Natasha Williams
August 2019
Building Towards the Future Together Through Diversity & Inclusion
by Laneika K. Musalini
May/June 2019
Culture and Diversity: The Next Frontier
by Mario Medina
March/April 2019