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Over 60 Universities have brought an NCURA Traveling Workshop to their Institution! 

For more information or to schedule your campus session contact:
Stephanie McJury
Director of Meetings
Phone: 202-466-3894
Email: mcjury@ncura.edu

"The facilitation of several NCURA workshops at our institution over the past five years has been and absolute pleasure! Not only is the content and excellent overview or refresher, depending on your level but the instructors are knowledgeable and personable and make time to customize the workshop to specifics related to our institution and answer questions throughout. The NCURA Meeting Coordinators who manage the logistics and registration are excellent too. Always well-run, informative, and enjoyable learning experience!".

Cathy Short, Training Manager, Grants and Contracts/Accounting/ Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Research and Innovation, Virginia Commonwealth University