Global Sponsored Programs Review

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Global Sponsored Programs Review


For Non-US Central-Level Research Offices, Grants Offices, Sponsored Programs Offices, and Central Research Administration Programs


A non-US institution research office (sponsored programs focus) peer review is applicable to any institution that follows the US model of higher education. As such, this peer review of central research office operations provides a holistic review of the broad functions within research offices at the central level and the institutional commitments surrounding the research and scholarship environment. While core research office functions remain the same across institutions, this review incorporates the institution’s size, mission, and culture as an integral part of understanding the overall direction and priorities established for their research administration and management operation. This understanding encompasses the interactions and relationships found across stakeholders within the institution and how effective central operations are in meeting needs and mitigating risks.

This peer review is specifically designed for international institutions that are either receiving research funding from US entities or wish to pursue US funding. It serves the purposes of evaluating the effectiveness of an institution’s management of sponsored programs and to assess the extent to which an institution’s management of sponsored programs meets globally accepted standards by looking at compliance with US policies, especially notable for subrecipient transactions.

The review provides key information to the institution on:

  • Risk management/compliance best practices, based on US models
  • US funding management and requirements
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Business process improvement
  • Improved communications

 Explore the Global Standards used to frame our non-US central research office peer review and the general types of questions that relate to this review. Or, check out the research compliance program peer review to focus on your research compliance areas.

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The process for review [for institution] was exceptional, especially considering the cultural differences […] NCURA's willingness and ability to be flexible in their discovery process led to a most successful review of [our] research administration infrastructure.

Executive Director