NCURA Tiered Membership Dues Support Equitable Access for Research Administrators Around the World

NCURA is pleased to announce a tiered membership dues structure for non-U.S. institutions, and U.S. territory states.

Using current data from the World Bank Gross National Income (GNI), the benefit of a tiered dues structure ensures a more equitable fee for members and prospective members outside of the United States in countries with GNI per capita at or below $24,999 USD.

The structure supports NCURA's mission to advance the profession of research administration, with the ability to offer all its benefits of education and professional development programs to more of our colleagues outside of the United States.

To set up your tiered membership dues rate invoice, please email Emily Ainsworth at ainsworth@ncura.edu


Membership Type Tier 1, ≥ $25,000 Tier 2, $24,999 - $15,000 Tier 3, < $15,000
Regular $190 $57 $38
Associate $190 $57 $38
Regular Young Professional $140 $42 $28
Associate Young Professional $140 $42 $28
Emeritus $10 $10 $10