Executive Leadership Program

The NCURA Executive Leadership Program, financially supported by the national organization, has been designed to bring together members who are ready for executive leadership roles at the national level, and train them in executive leadership principles, including recognized best practices of volunteer leadership.

Individuals must be nominated by a current National or Regional Leader.

The Program

ELP is, for the most part, virtual and will be conducted primarily from January through May and led by senior members of NCURA.  From January to March, participants will work with a guest facilitator and become familiar with emotional intelligence.  They will also learn about (or review) the 5 traits of leaders. Following this there will be three one-hour conference calls with guest speakers (March, April, and May) and a four-day retreat, led by several nationally recognized leadership educators, which generally takes place in May.

Expectations of ELP Participants

ELP participants are expected to commit to:

  • fully participate in the ELP by completing all program assignments and activities including full, in-person participation at the four-day ELP retreat
  • remaining in the research administration profession
  • remaining active in NCURA national/global leadership


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to participate in the ELP, a nominee’s must

·         have served as a Regional officer (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary), on the NCURA Board of Directors, or on an NCURA national committee (PDC, NLDC, FMC, SCGA, SCPR)

·         have been an NCURA member for at least five years

·         be a current regular member of NCURA

·         have the support and commitment of their home organization to fully participate in the ELP including attending the four-day retreat (which will likely require the nominee to be absent from their home organization for an entire work week)

Nomination Process

·         Nominations are invited from:

o    Current regular members who are or have been elected regional officers (i.e., Chair, Secretary or Treasurer) or national/global elected officials including Board of Directors, or who are or have served on an NCURA national committee (i.e., PDC, NLDC, FMC, SCGA, SCPR).

·         A single nomination packet must be submitted by the established deadline to the N&LDC and should include:

o    Letter of nomination addressing the nominee’s leadership traits and accomplishments

o    An institutional letter committing to support the nominee by providing release time to enable the nominee to fully-participate in the program, including the four-day ELP retreat

o    The nominee’s NCURA-specific CV or resume

o    The nominee’s leadership statement describing a vision for their NCURA leadership path (maximum two pages)

·         Self-nominations are not accepted.

To nominate someone for the ELP, please submit a single nomination packet by Monday, November 14, 2016 to the N&LDC via e-mail at ELP@ncura.edu

Interested in being considered and you meet all of the selection criteria? Contact your regional Chair.