The NCURA Education Scholarship Fund (ESF) is an expression of NCURA's commitment to the development of research administrators. The Fund was established in 2011 to provide support to members seeking a master's degree in research administration.

The ESF is awarding $2500 scholarship(s) to research administrators who are current NCURA members and who are currently enrolled in a master's degree program in research administration.

The 2024 Spring Call For Applicants is now closed, and applications received are in review.



  • The applicant must be enrolled in a master’s degree program in research administration, or with a concentration in research administration.
  • The applicant must be a current NCURA member at the time of the application submission and must remain a member throughout the duration of their master's degree program.
  • Applicants must submit the completed appliation form and required materials to scholarship@ncura.edu
  • Scholarship awards must be used within twelve (12) months from notification of award.
  • Recipients must provide proof of completion and receipt of academic credit within six months after completion; otherwise, the funds must be returned to NCURA. 


Applicants must complete the application form and answer following questions:


  • Does your employer have a tuition grant, remission, or reimbursement program for staff? If yes, explain what support is available. Include amount per year, duration, and conditions of use.
  • At which University are you enrolled?
  • University contact information for payment remission (Name, Address, Email, Phone)
  • In what degree program are you enrolled (e.g. MS in RA)?


Then provide the following attachments:

  • Proof of enrollment (e.g., unofficial transcript or confirmation of course enrollment)
  • Current resume (up to two pages) that also includes NCURA past and current involvement
  • Statements as to 1) why you are seeking a degree in research administration, 2) the importance of the scholarship for your career, 3) any past and/or current involvement in NCURA, and 4) how you will give back to the profession/NCURA after completing your degree (500-1000 words for each section)


Review criteria include the applicant’s resume and personal statements and focuses on record of past and current NCURA involvement, weighted alongside access to employer-based educational support. Members of the Education Scholarship Fund Select Committee will review and score applications based on the presence and compelling nature of each statement. The Committee will then recommend selected applicants to the NCURA Board of Directors for confirmation. The Board will review the Committee’s recommendations and vote to approve awardees.

The Education Scholarship Fund Select Committee Chair will notify applicants of the results. NCURA will work with selected recipients to disperse scholarships.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, or suggestions for improvement, please contact NCURA Education Scholarship Fund Select Committee Liaison at scholarship@ncura.edu


For additional information, please see the FAQs.