Award Terms, Obligations, and Reporting

Award Terms and Conditions

Upon submission of proposal, award recipient agrees to NCURA Research Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Obligations of Award Recipients

Projects should be designed to be completed within 12 months. A single no-cost extension may be requested in accordance with the NCURA Research Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Reporting Requirements

An interim progress report must be submitted six (6) months from the start date of the award. A final report is due within 60 days of the end of award. The final report should include details of outcomes and follow-on activities: data collected, analysis report(s), impact on the profession, future goals, copies of publications submitted to scholarly journals and other outlets, professional presentations/dissemination, and follow-on grant proposals that are directly attributed to this funding. NCURA would also appreciate being informed of any major outputs, accomplishments, and follow-on activities directly attributed to this funding that occur after the final report is submitted.