Global Initiatives seeks to be the foremost provider of professional development, knowledge, and leadership in the global research administration and research management community.  We serve all NCURA members - in the International Region and U.S. members who are involved in global research administration- by providing a global network of organizations and institutions for support and partnerships. Our extended networks of research administrators from all over the world including our close relations with many embassies, in DC, would serve as vital starting points to further international research collaborations that addresses borderless global problem. We also offer professional development opportunities, such as our Global Fellowship, to build the requisite infrastructure for the global research enterprise. In addition, Global Initiatives aims to advance the overall NCURA mission by promoting research administration as a career on a worldwide basis- a reflection of NCURA's commitment to diversity and inclusion .


  • 1) Effectively identify, build and facilitate global research partnerships and integrate Global Inititatives’ activities into the core fabric and vision of NCURA. 
  • 2) Build, maintain and expand international outreach in DC and beyond for the delivery of NCURA expertise and benefits, in consultation with regional members and volunteers.
  • 3) Develop and manage programs aimed at supporting professional trainings for research administrators and for enhancing the global research collaboration that addresses borderless global problem

For a sense of our organization, take a look at our Global Collaborate Community, which is free for anyone to join.

We are a global network of research managers dedicated to developing our careers and profession.  See the benefits of becoming an NCURA member, and click here to join!  


Upcoming Events

NCURA 2020 Financial Research Administration ConferencePerseverance through Determination, March 2-3, 2020; Workshop Day: March 4, 2020 | San Juan, PR. As an EARMA member you will receive a discount off registration as part of EARMA member benefits. Register Here today!


NCURA  2020 Pre-Award Research Administration ConferenceSustaining Research..., March 4-6, 2020; Workshop Day: March 4, 2020 | San Juan, PR. EARMA members receive a discount off registration as part of EARMA member benefits. Register Here today!

For more information please contact:

Krystal Kirkland, Senior Meetings Coordinator  (kirkland@ncura.edu / +1-202-466-3894)  


EARMA 2020 Conference on the "Evolution or Revolution of Research Management and Administration" is being held in Oslo, Norway. As an NCURA member you will receive a discount off registration as part of your NCURA member benefits. Register Here
For more information please contact:

Claire Chen, Senior Manager, Global Initiatives  (chen@ncura.edu / +1-202-466-3894)  

Mende Yangden, Program Assistant, Global Initiatives (yangden@ncura.edu / +1-202-655-7255)




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