NCURA Peer Programs

Central Sponsored Programs Review

 A Peer Review of the central sponsored programs operation provides a holistic review of the broad functions within sponsored programs at the central level and the institutional commitments surrounding the research and scholarship environment. While core sponsored program functions remain the same across institutions, the NCURA peer review incorporates the institution’s size, mission, and culture as an integral part of understanding the overall direction and priorities established for their research administration operation. This understanding encompasses the interactions and relationships found across stakeholders within the institution and how effective central operations are in meeting needs and mitigating risks.


A central office peer review has been applied to institutions with different organizational models; most typically these models are a combined single reporting line (normally reporting to the academic line, less common reporting to the financial or advancement area) or a split operation with multiple reporting lines (most commonly reporting to an academic and a financial line). Likewise, a central office review has been done at a range of types of organizations, including predominately undergraduate institutions, emerging research institution, large research universities, non-profit, research laboratory, community college, and hospitals. See our listing of institutions using Peer Programs for a portion of these institutions.


The review provides key information to the institution on:

  • Risk management/compliance
  • Enhanced faculty service
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Business process improvement
  • Improved communications
  • Administrative review requirements
  • Improved responsiveness to sponsors


Explore the Standards used to frame our central sponsored programs peer review and the general types of questions that relate to this review. Contrast the central review with our unit-level review and global review. Or, check out the research compliance program peer review to focus on your research compliance areas.

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NCURA's was the most detailed and thorough external review we have received. It was objective, incisive, and provided recommendations the university will act on to improve our research administration.

Vice President for Research