NCURA Distinguished Educator Designation

NCURA Distinguished Educator Designation

The NCURA Distinguished Educator designation recognizes exceptional contributions through the ideation, creation and delivery of NCURA’s national/global Research Administration educational offerings.  An individual holding the Distinguished Educator designation is one who has had a major impact on multiple educational levels in professional development within NCURA.

NCURA Distinguished Educators


Robert C. Andresen, Director of Research Financial Services, University of Wisconsin-Madison, NCURA Distinguished Educator

Patricia A. Hawk, Assistant Vice President, Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration, Oregon State University, NCURA Distinguished Educator

Cynthia Hope, Assistant Vice President for Research & Director of Sponsored Programs, The University of Alabama, NCURA Distinguished Educator

David W. Richardson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, NCURA Distinguished Educator


Gunta J. Liders, Associate Vice President for Research Administration, University of Rochester, NCURA Distinguished Educator

Richard P. Seligman, Associate Vice President for Research Administration, California Institute of Technology, NCURA Distinguished Educator

Pamela A. Webb, Associate Vice President for Research, University of Minnesota, NCURA Distinguished Educator


Ann M. Holmes, Assistant Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Maryland College Park, NCURA Distinguished Educator

David J. Mayo, Director of Sponsored Research, California Institute of Technology, NCURA Distinguished Educator

Kim Moreland, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Sponsored Programs, University of Wisconsin Madison, NCURA Distinguished Educator

Patrick W. Fitzgerald, Associate Dean for Research Administration, Harvard University, NCURA Distinguished Educator