NCURA Research Program

Request for Proposal: NCURA Research Program

Proposal Deadline: March 11, 2024

Submission Address: Proposals must be emailed to NCURAResearchProgram@ncura.edu



The NCURA Research Program is founded on the tenets of NCURA’s core values, with the goal of enhancing research and education programs that increase both public and private support for NCURA. The purpose is to create opportunities for NCURA members, faculty, and staff to innovate and pursue excellence in developing and sustaining critical partnerships in several areas.  Some examples include supporting the data-driven needs of NCURA and the profession; identifying, developing and implementing innovative programs for research and education; and building resources for new partnership programs that support global efforts. Proposed research activities should include the collection/acquisition of new data and/or in-depth analysis of previously existing data and should be relevant and applicable to the broad research community (i.e., provide impact beyond an individual institution).  Projects should not duplicate existing NCURA educational programs.


Research Plan

The proposed research should contribute to the current body of knowledge in the field of research administration and provide a sound approach that is novel to research administration. The research proposal should address a problem or an opportunity in the field of research administration and present a solution-based approach that may include an implementation strategy/phase. The proposal shall not be strictly implementation-based in nature and not limited to size or type of institution.

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Anticipated Award Funding


NCURA estimates up to $30,000 may be available for this solicitation and anticipates funding two (2) to four (4) projects. The number of projects funded will be determined based on the merit of proposals received in accordance with review criteria below and the amount of funding available at the time of the award.


Funding Period


One year with an anticipated start date of July 1, 2024. The start date may be negotiable in extenuating circumstances and upon mutual agreement by NCURA and the awardee’s institution. A single no-cost extension may be requested in accordance with the NCURA Research Agreement Terms and Conditions.


Lead Proposer (“Principal Investigator” or “PI”) Eligibility


An NCURA member must be an integral part of the research project team, but does not have to be the Principal Investigator. If an NCURA member is not the lead PI, the proposal should be explicit in how the NCURA member is involved with the project.


Award Terms, Obligations and Reporting
RFP and Review Criteria
NCURA Research Program Funded Projects



Csilla Csaplar


Research Program Chair