Thank You NCURA Volunteers - Discover the Value of Volunteering!

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Getting Involved Enhances Your Membership and Career!

Volunteers are the heart of NCURA. As a member-staff driven organization, the success of NCURA is a result of the time and commitment provided by our members who volunteer to support their colleagues and our professional staff by furthering the goals and the values of the organization. Many opportunities exist for getting involved in the organization at both the regional and national levels.

What do our volunteers receive in return? - the opportunity to help guide the future of NCURA, to establish a strong network of peers, to acquire new skills and experiences, and to help advance the field of research administration. Additional personal benefits include:

Career enhancement/advancement

Professional contacts

Personal growth/new knowledge

Additional experience

Sharing expertise

Personal achievement

Giving back to the organization


Having fun!

Resolve to get involved for your colleagues and for your career!

Reflective of NCURA's Diversity and Inclusion Statement, we are committed to achieving diversity of all kinds in its appointments, including experience, geographic area, institutional type, gender, and ethnicity, and we encourage ALL interested members to become involved in NCURA.

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