Education Scholarship Fund

Education Scholarship Fund

About the NCURA Education Scholarship Fund

The Education Scholarship Fund was established in 2011 to provide support to members who seek graduate education in research administration. 


NCURA's Mission for the Fund

NCURA is committed to the development of research administrators. The Education Scholarship Fund is designed to provide access to funds which would otherwise be unavailable through the generous donations of NCURA members. The Fund met its first goal of $100K is 2017 and gave its first scholarships in the Spring of 2018.


Education Scholarship Fund Select Committee

Chair, David Smelser, University of Tennessee
Vice Chair, Jill Frankenfield, University of Maryland College Park

Tolise Dailey, University of Colorado at Boulder
Gai Doran, Yale University
Laura Letbetter, Georgia State University
Robyn Remotigue, University of North Texas Health Sci Center at Fort Worth
Krista Roznovsky, Stanford University 
Shannon Sutton, Western Illinois University 
Gale Yamada, University of Hawaii at Manoa 
Bonniejean Zitske, University of Wisconsin Madison


Even a Little Makes a Difference

First Two Recipients

Amanda Tan, Boston University

I am highly intrigued by the relationship between scientific research and administration, and how it advances our nation’s research enterprise. I look forward to growing as a research administrator with NCURA’s community.

Syliva Bradshaw, Dixie State University

NCURA has given me an ever-expanding network of professionals who I want to emulate by both their extensive knowledge and service rendered. I truly do hope to “pay it forward” as so many others have done for me.








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