Education Scholarship Fund

About the NCURA Education Scholarship Fund

The Education Scholarship Fund was established in 2011 to provide support to members seeking a master's degree in research administration. 


NCURA's Mission for the Fund

NCURA is committed to the development of research administrators. The Education Scholarship Fund is designed to provide access to funds which would otherwise be unavailable through the generous donations of NCURA members. The Fund met its first goal of $100K is 2017 and gave its first scholarships in the Spring of 2018.


The Spring scholarship application window is closed. Thank you all for your submissions!
View our 2024 Spring Recipients below.

At this point in my career, I am eager to broaden my knowledge beyond the day-to-day operations of pre and post-award office and have a fuller understanding of other research administration areas.

Stephen Cornelison, University of VirginiaSpring 2024

With a deeper understanding of research administration acquired through my master's degree, I am poised to play a more active role within NCURA, leveraging my expertise to contribute meaningfully to the organization's mission.

Kristen Hartung, University of ArkansasSpring 2024

My goal is to collaborate with my fellow Research Administrators and not only attend NCURA meetings but present as well.

Jenifer Hoffman, The Pennsylvania State UniversityFall 2023

Being exposed to the central office opened my eyes and awakened my curiosity. I quickly understood that to be a successful research administrator you need knowledge, experience, and service.

Amanda Larson, City University of New YorkFall 2023

I have learned a tremendous amount of information in my Master’s program, much of which I am not exposed to in my current role.

Meaghan Ventura, Nationwide Children's Hospital Spring 2023

I would like to use my education to encourage and engage others to learn as much as possible about the profession and mentor those who are willing to do so.

Jeannine Voll, Children's Hospital of PhiladelphiaSpring 2023

I love being part of an organization with like-minded individuals working towards a similar cause.

Paula Robinson, Northeastern UniversityFall 2022

Research administration matters because the most promising single site for addressing the challenges of the twenty-first century…

Paulo M. Loonin, Washington University in St. LouisSpring 2022

As my knowledge and experience grow, I want to mentor and grow the next generation of research administrators.

Brianne Watkins, New Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologySpring 2022

I definitely encourage my colleagues to pursue a degree in Research Administration. This has been a life-changing experience and I cannot express enough how thankful I am to have the opportunity…

Kristi Dorsey, University of North Carolina at WilmingtonFall 2021

I hope to encourage others to pursue a graduate degree in Research Administration with an article in the magazine and by being an active member in NCURA.

Melissa Freudenberger, Clemson UniversityFall 2021


Jill Francisco, University of South CarolinaSpring 2021

I decided to pursue a MS in research administration to strengthen my knowledge to better support departments and advance in my career.

Kylia Teixeira, Mass General Brigham IncorporatedSpring 2021

A degree in research administration was prompted by visiting the Exhibit Hall at conferences. Staying informed about the ever-shifting landscape of federal funding through my NCURA interactions I can share timely information with faculty that could affect their research funding.

Georgetta Dennis, Auburn UniversityFall 2020

I want to always be the most knowledgeable research administrator that I can be, and also be a valuable resource to others on my team. Earning my degree will help me to accomplish both of these goals.

Kasey Schubert, Tufts UnviersityFall 2020


In 2011 I was introduced to the world of research administration and fell in love with the profession... I decided to pursue a Masters Degree in research administration because I dream of becoming a Director of a Sponsored Projects Office someday and knew that I needed to gain more knowledge to obtain this position in the future.

Lindsay Britt, University of New MexicoSpring 2020

I look at this as another tool to keep giving back to the profession. I want to continue to engage and empower the newer generations of research administrators as the landscape continues to evolve.

Andrew Gray, University of OregonSpring 2020

I love being back in higher education. It feels like I’ve come home, and I can see a clear pathway to sharing my love of research administration with other people…I am looking forward to increasing my involvement in NCURA.

Sarah Browngoetz, Olympic CollegeFall 2019

Simply put the scholarship would be a great relief… there is no denying that any financial assistance would ease the strains of a growing family.

Joseph P. Gibbs, University of California, Los AngelesFall 2019

I want to open the door to more opportunities…and to increase my value in the research administration community.

Tammy Pratt, Clarkson UniversitySpring 2019

I am highly intrigued by the relationship between scientific research and administration, and how it advances our nation’s research enterprise. I look forward to growing as a research administrator with NCURA’s community.

Amanda Tan, Boston University2018, Inaugural Recipient

NCURA has given me an ever-expanding network of professionals who I want to emulate by both their extensive knowledge and service rendered. I truly do hope to “pay it forward” as so many others have done for me.

Sylvia Bradshaw, Dixie State University2018, Inaugural Recipient

Jennifer Harman, University of Rochester
Vice Chair


Kristi Dorsey,  SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Joseph Gibbs, University of California-Los Angeles

Grace Martey, University of Ghana

Luigi Pellegrino, Bocconi University

Joanna Sabal, University of Connecticut

Charles Shannon, Loughborough University

Amanda Tan, University of California-Los Angeles

Meaghan Ventura, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Jeannine Voll, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


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