Missy Peloso

Number of Years in Research Administration: 13

Institutions: University of Pennsylvania, University of Delaware


Missy Peloso has created Export Compliance programs at two institutions, has participated in internal assessments and innovative reorganization of sponsored programs offices under her management, and has developed policies and procedures related to sponsored programs.  She is a current mentor on an NIH BRAD grant to develop research administration capacity at Franklin and Marshall College. Missy is a published author on issues in international research collaborations and on export controls (Compliance Issues in International Research and International Collaborations (Chapter 9) and Export Compliance and Secure Research (Chapter 10). In A. Dade, S. DiBella, & L. Olafson, (Eds.), Implementing a Comprehensive Research Compliance Program: A Handbook for Research Officers, New Age Publishing, 2015. 


Missy is currently the Associate Vice President and Associate Vice Provost for Research Services at the University of Pennsylvania.  She manages sponsored programs including all pre-award activities for federal, government and non-profit sponsors, post award management for all sponsored projects at Penn, costing activities including the negotiation of Facilities and Administration rates, sponsored projects training, and research compliance for Export Controls.  Her office also negotiates and manages material transfer, data use, and other ancillary agreements.  Missy sits on the University’s Conflict of Interest Standing Committee, the animal welfare advisory committee, and the Provost’s council on research among numerous other advisory committees.  Prior to joining Penn in 2011, Missy served as the Director of Research Compliance at the University of Delaware where her responsibilities included the IRB, IACUC, and Export Controls, as well as membership on other university committees including the IBC. At Delaware, she also supported Research Integrity by developing formal educational programs on the Responsible Conduct of Research and providing administrative support for research misconduct investigations.  Before the establishment of the University of Delaware Research Compliance Office, Missy was an adjunct member of the faculty of the Department of Psychology where she performed animal and human research in behavioral neuroscience, supervised lab activities, and participated in grant writing, reporting, and management for more than 12 years. 


Missy has given numerous national, regional and local presentations and workshops. She has served on the national NCURA annual meeting program committee as well as the program committee for FRA. She has been a NCURA national w

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