Kim Moreland

 Number of Years in Research Administration: 33

Institutions: University of Kansas, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Kim Moreland is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs and Director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  She is also a lecturer for Johns Hopkins University in the Master’s degree program in Research Administration.


Kim has been at the University of Wisconsin 12 years.  The UW-Madison receives over $1.0 Billion in grant and contract awards annually, and it consistently ranks in the top five in research expenditures in the NSF’s Survey of R&D Expenditures.  


Kim is on the Board of Directors for the Federal Demonstration Partnership and the Council on Governmental Relations.  She currently chairs the COGR Costing Committee, the FDP Finance Committee, and the NCURA Select Committee on Global Affairs.


Kim is a former president of the National Council of University Research Administrators, and she has served as a member of the NCURA national faculty, teaching the Fundamentals of Research Administration and Sponsored Projects Administration II across the country.  She is a contributor to the NCURA newsletter, the Research Management Review, and Sponsored Research Administration:  A Guide to Effective Strategies and Recommended Practices.  She is a recipient of NCURA’s national Award for Distinguished Service in Research Administration and the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Administration.  

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