Jill Frazier Tincher, MBA, CRA

Number of Years in Research Administration: 25

Institutions: University of Georgia, University of Miami


Jill Tincher currently serves as the Executive Director of Sponsored Projects Administration at the University of Georgia (UGA) overseeing pre and post award management from a central perspective.  Jill and her team work closely with sponsors, faculty and departmental administrators to ensure sponsored projects are managed consistently and effectively.  Prior to joining UGA, Jill served as the Executive Director in the Office of Research Administration at the University of Miami, where she oversaw Pre-Award functions including: proposal review, approval and submission; Medicare Coverage Analysis preparation and clinical budget development and negotiation; and contract creation, negotiation and execution.

Jill has spent many years focused on strategies to improve how universities obtain and maintain its research funding – looking at ways to automate and streamline processes; provide transparency throughout the institution; gather and analyze data; improve policies and processes; etc.  In recent years, she led a Clinical Trials Task Force, including faculty and central/departmental administrators, tasked with assessing how UM could improve study start up times.  Many recommendations resulted from this task force, subsequently were implemented and clinical processing times significantly improved.

During her 25 years in this profession, Jill has worked in both departmental and central administration, performed pre and post award functionalities, conducted research administration training, served on numerous university/faculty committees, created/implemented university-wide policies, participated in systems and process improvement initiatives, automated and streamlined research administration management, as well as engaged in department-central research administrator networking groups.  Jill has been an NCURA Peer Reviewer for 3 years, and is currently an NCURA SPA II traveling faculty member.  She is a Certified Research Administrator.  

NCURA Peer Program engagements are priced as a flat fee, scaled to the sponsored programs total active award dollars in the last fiscal year, regardless of type of Peer Program engagement.