Kris Monahan

 Number of Years in Research Administration: 17

Institutions: Bridgewater State University, Wellesley College, Providence College 

Kris Monahan established a sponsored research office at Providence College in 2011. Prior to Providence College, she led pre-award activities at one of the largest gender-focused research-and-action organizations in the world, Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College.  She also served as assistant then interim director of sponsored programs at a comprehensive state university in Massachusetts, Bridgewater State University. 

With an MPA and Ph.D. in education policy, Kris is keenly skilled in understanding complex business processes, teaching, learning, and education administration. Her career has focused on developing training programs, services and communication related to pre- and post-award research administration.  She has effectively developed policies and standard operating procedures for colleges/universities. She has experience working directly with faculty on proposal development to working with the highest level of institutional administration on strategic plans and college-wide research initiatives and policies. She has experience with the administration of three different Institutional Review Boards, has led the establishment of an inaugural Indirect Cost Rate Agreement and developed course-release policies.

Having presented more than 50 concurrent sessions and discussion groups at regional and national meetings of NCURA, Kris is well known for her focus on supporting research development, growth, and faculty service. She served as co-editor of the NCURA Magazine 2013-2016, has served on the NCURA Board of Directors, is the NCURA Region I New England Immediate Past Chair and been on numerous regional and national committees bringing her extensive perspective to activities, services, and programs of NCURA and in support of the profession of research administration. She co-authored two NCURA published micrographs: Establishing and Managing an Office of Sponsored Programs at Non-Research Intensive Colleges and Universities, 3rd ed. (2014) and The Role of Research Administration, 3rd ed.  (2014).

NCURA Peer Program engagements are priced as a flat fee, scaled to the sponsored programs total active award dollars in the last fiscal year, regardless of type of Peer Program engagement.