Professional Development Committee- Member


The PDC is NCURA's standing committee responsible for all programs, activities and publications devoted to the professional development of NCURA members at the national level. The committee structure includes areas that focus on adult education, publications, online learning and social media communications.  

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Two year term, on a calendar year appointment basis.

  1. Function of Position - To participate in the development, implementation, oversight, and evaluation of all professional development activity, including the Annual Meeting, special topic conferences and traveling workshops, NCURA MagazineResearch Management Review journal, and other publications as well as online learning programs and initiatives.
  2. Essential Duties and Responsibilities & Time Commitment - The PDC meets twice per year, and accomplishes much of its work through e-mail and regular telephone communication throughout the year. Approximately two hours per week, averaged across a year, can be anticipated. 


Each PDC member will also serve on one of the following PDC Subcommittees: Publications, Online Programming and the Traveling Workshop Faculty and PDC Selection. During the call for volunteers process, prospective members will be asked to rank their preference and final assignments will be made by the PDC Chair and Vice Chair for all appointed committee members. Additional information on the subcommittees can be found here.

Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement, Travel Requirements, etc) - Travel for PDC business, when necessary, is reimbursed by NCURA, based on the FMC Travel Policy.


  1. Knowledge and/or Skills - An understanding of NCURA's primary mission as a professional development organization, and a thorough understanding of its professional development offerings.
  2. Education and/or Experience - Prior experience with university research administration issues, or specific expertise in a particular specialty area within the profession is desirable. Prior service on NCURA national or regional committees or taskforces highly desirable.


Training and Support - The Chair of PDC and the NCURA staff provide necessary orientation and support to PDC members.