Professional Development Committee (PDC) Member Application Information

Professional Development Committee (PDC) Vice Chair & Committee Member Application Information

Deadline: September 20th, 2018
To apply, log-in to Volunteer Central and fill out the online Application here.
Below you will find both background for the Vice Chair of the Professional Development Committee and Subcommittee Member information. 
On this page:
The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is one of the three standing committees under the national Board of Directors.   The work of the PDC is guided under strategic initiatives set by the Board of Directors and through Presidential charges.  It is comprised of members that work in four main areas of concentration.
The PDC is responsible for the professional and program development, publications oversight, and collaboration on program evaluation. Within these areas, PDC members are responsible for identifying quality programming, publication, and educational opportunities for the membership of NCURA. 
Members may have one or more areas of previous experience:
  •        Served on national meeting committees
  •        Worked on publications serving as an editor or substantial contributor
  •        Served as previous Traveling Workshop Faculty
  •        Participated in LDI or ELP programs
  •        Served on Peer Review
  •        Participated as an NCURA International Fellowship
The PDC carries a significant amount of work on behalf of NCURA and each subcommittee has several tasks to undertake.  Committee members may spend an average of two hours per week working, either together as a committee or independently, in order to complete the committee’s required work.  The PDC has up to two in-person meetings a year and meets regularly via conference call.
Strong candidates will have previous national or regional volunteer experience or expertise related to the four subcommittees.  Additionally, successful candidates will clearly state their interests, draw parallels to their previous experience within NCURA and research administration, and articulate an interest in one or more of the PDC areas of responsibility.
As part of the application process, you will be asked to apply for one of the PDC Subcommittees below. Please review the descriptions of the subcommittees for information on the focus of each subcommittee.  Please note, previous NCURA evaluations and committee parcipitation information may be used in the review of your application. 
  PDC is organized into four Subcommittees:
  •                     Publications
  •                     Online Programming
  •                     Educational Programming 
  •                       Traveling Workshop Faculty Selection
 The Publications Subcommittee is responsible for the development, review, and editing of the NCURA Micrographs. This subcommittee assists the NCURA staff with reviewing and editing of the Sponsored Research Administration Guide.  As needed, this subcommittee will work with the Editors of the NCURA Magazine and Research Management Review.  
 Online Programming 
                       The Online Programming subcommittee is responsible for the development of educational programs provided via web-based                                      resources. The primary programs include Webinars on relevant research administration topics, NCURA’s Online Tutorials, and NCURA TV. The subcommittee is responsible for identifying topics and presenters for the webinars and NCURA TV, and coordinating production and delivery in conjunction with the NCURA staff. The Subcommittee also conducts regular reviews of the Online Tutorials to ensure that content is current and relevant.
Educational Programming ​
This subcommittee will take the ideas generated by the 2015 NCURA Presidential Task Force on Educational Programming needs and look to select for consideration the topics that would be the most valuable for the membership. The subcommittee recommends the vehicle that would best suit the topic (publication, webinar, tutorial, YouTube video, a traveling workshop, workshop at a national meeting, conference, session at a national meeting, article in the Magazine or RMR, content produced for the NCURA Collaborate Communities etc); identify potential content leaders and potentially serve a role on the development team. All recommendations from the Educational Programming Subcommittee will move through the appropriate approval processes depending on the education vehicle recommended. 
  Traveling Workshop Faculty and PDC Member Selection 
The subcommittee will identify the selection process for the call for volunteers for Traveling Workshop Faculty and the call for the PDC Committee members. The subcommittee reviews the Traveling Workshop evaluations, position descriptions, and other items that may be charged to the subcommittee related to the execution of the Traveling Workshops. The subcommittee reviews and evaluates applicants for the overall Professional Development Committee. 

PDC Member Position Information:
Duration: Two year term, on a calendar year appointment basis.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities & Time Commitment: The PDC meets in-person up to twice per year, and accomplishes much of its work through e-mail and regular telephone communication throughout the year. Approximately two hours per week, averaged across a year, can be anticipated.
Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement, Travel Requirements, etc) - Travel for PDC business is reimbursed by NCURA (except for attendance at the National Annual Meeting) within the parameters of the FMC Travel Policy.
Description of Position:
The PDC is NCURA's standing committee responsible for all programs, activities and publications devoted to the professional development of NCURA members. The Vice Chair assists the Chair as directed by the Chair and performs the duties of the Chair when the Chair cannot. The Vice Chair serves a one-year term and succeeds to PDC Chair for one year.
One-year term as Vice Chair of PDC and succeeds to PDC Chair for one year. Total Commitment: 2 years.
Function of Position: The Vice Chair, works with the Chair in reporting to the NCURA Board of Directors through the Vice President, will lead the committee through its yearly goals utilizing e-mail, conference calls and in-person meetings as scheduled. The Vice Chair and Chair work with the Board to develop, implement, oversee, and evaluate all professional development activity, including the Annual Meeting, special conferences, traveling workshops, NCURA Magazine, Research Management Review journal, and other publications as well as online learning programs.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities & Time Commitment: The PDC meets up to twice per year, and accomplishes much of its work through e-mail and regular telephone communication throughout the year. Approximately 3-4 hours per week, averaged across a year, can be anticipated.
Qualifications/Requirements for Vice Chair
Leadership: Proven skills in leading committees and teams with experience in task development, review, brainstorming, prioritizing and follow-through.
Knowledge and/or Skills: An understanding of NCURA's primary mission as a professional development organization, and a thorough understanding of its professional development offerings.
Education and/or Experience: Prior service on this committee and/or service on the National Board of Directors, required. Experience with a broad range of university research administration issues, or specific expertise in a particular specialty area within the profession is desirable.
Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement, Travel Requirements, etc): Travel for PDC business is reimbursed by NCURA.
To apply, log-in to Volunteer Central and fill out the online Application here.
Stephanie McJury
Senior Meetings Manager