N&LDC Member Description

Relying on their broad network of NCURA members and an in-depth understanding of the organization's mission and operations, members of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (N&LDC) are charged with identifying, training, promoting and rewarding the future and current leaders of the organization.

DURATION: Two years

  1. Function of Position - Work as a member of the team identifying ways to accomplish the overall charge of the committee. May assume management responsibilities for certain tasks such as oversight of a selection committee.
  2. Essential Duties and Responsibilities & % Time Devoted - May assist with one or more of the following duties of the committee:
    1. Identify members with leadership potential
    2. Design and/or implement mechanisms for provision of training in leadership skills (for example, current or past programs such as the Executive Leadership Program (ELP), the Leadership Development Institute (LDI), specialized workshops, online courses, etc.)
    3. Design and/or manage systems for promoting future leaders (mentoring and selection for committees/offices)
    4. Work with regions to assist in implementation of leadership development initiatives at the regional level.
    5. Call for nominations and select slate for annual election
    6. Oversee the selection process for all NCURA awards including the Catherine Core Minority Travel Award, the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Administration, Julia Jacobsen Distinguished Service Award, Joseph F. Carrabino Award, and the Gold Award.
  3. Qualifications/Requirements
    1. Knowledge and/or Skills -
      1. Ability and interest to support the duties of the committee
      2. Familiarity with NCURA governance structure and breadth of operations
      3. Ability to perform committee tasks in accordance with NCURA's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
      4. Must be knowledgeable of talented individuals within NCURA
      5. Willing to recruit colleagues to submit nomination materials
      6. Ability to participate in candid, confidential evaluations of colleagues to determine worthy candidates and award recipients
      7. Ability to listen and compromise
      8. Ability to make decisions based on an individual's credentials and contributions, not geographic location
      9. Ability to respond timely and to meet deadlines
      10. Ability to recognize short-term and long-term needs of the organization's leadership
    2. Education and/or Experience -
      1. No specific education requirements
      2. Must have been an NCURA member for a minimum of five (5) years
      3. Service to NCURA at national and/or regional level in volunteer roles that demonstrate sufficient levels of collaboration, responsibility, and leadership
      4. Examples of service at the national level include (but are not limited to): Past Officer, National Board Member, National Standing or Select Committee participation, Select Task Force participation, or Co-Chair of a National Meeting or Conference
      5. Examples of service at the regional level include (but are not limited to): Past Regional Officer, Regional Committee leadership or Co-Chair of Regional Meeting
  4. Training and Support - Strong support from the NCURA Office staff.
  5. Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement, Travel Requirements, etc) - Travel to one or two meetings per year (mandatory travel is reimbursed by NCURA). Participation in conference calls and electronic communications. Average of 50 or 60 hours effort annually, depending upon assignments.

For further information on this position, contact Kathleen Larmett, Executive Director, at larmett@ncura.edu





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