N&LDC Chair Description

The Chair leads this important standing committee in accomplishing the goals of the Board of Directors in addition to the reoccurring duties listed below. The Chair, reports to the NCURA Board of Directors through the Immediate Past President.


Function of Position - Chair the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities & % Time Devoted - Lead the Committee through the following activities, ensuring compliance with the strategic plan and the basic desires of the Board of Directors while adhering to basic deadline requirements as appropriate. Communicate activities and recommendations to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors through the Immediate Past President.

  1. Identify Members with Leadership Potential
  2. Design and/or implement mechanisms for provision of training in leadership skills
  3. Design and manage systems for promoting future leaders (mentoring and selection for committees/offices)
  4. Work with regions to assist in implementation of leadership development initiatives at the regional level.
  5. Call for nominations and select slate for annual election
  6. Oversee the selection process for all NCURA awards including the Catherine Core Minority Travel Award, the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Administration, Distinguished Service Award, Joseph F. Carrabino Award and the Gold Award. The committee meets in person up to two times per year and accomplishes much of its work through e-mail, and conference calls throughout the year. Approximately 2-3 hours, averaged across a year, can be anticipated.


  1. Leadership - Proven skills in leading committees and task forces.
  2. Knowledge and/or Skills - Thorough understanding of the NCURA organization and its governance. Good understanding of issues concerning diversity and leadership development.
  3. Education and/or Experience - Should have broad understanding of the field of research administration. Prior NCURA volunteer service in a responsible position.

Training and Support - Strong support from the NCURA staff.

Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement, Travel Requirements, etc) - All travel costs reimbursed for those meetings not held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

- NCURA Awards: Current National officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and NCURA Standing Committee (FMC, NLDC and PDC) Chairs and Vice Chairs are ineligible for nomination for an NCURA Outstanding Achievement in Research Administration Award or for a Distinguished Service Award.

- National Officer/Board positions: The Vice Chair and Chair of the NLDC are   normally not considered for nomination for a National Officer or Board position during their terms as Vice Chair or Chair of the NLDC.

For further information on this position, contact Kathleen Larmett, Executive Director, at larmett@ncura.edu