NCURA Annual Meeting Volunteer Opportunities

Get the most out of your annual meeting experience by getting involved with NCURA! The outstanding sessions being planned and presented are complimented by a host of volunteer opportunities. These opportunities allow you to engage with NCURA colleagues and start some new, mutually beneficial connections!

Fitness Track - Help fellow participants stay active during the Annual Meeting. Lead fitness activities, such as the Fun Run, Power Walk, Boot Camp, Zumba or Yoga!

Marketplace- Share your knowledge of NCURA publications. Assist with publication sales during NCURA's Marketplace hours and help participants find the right resources for their research administration library.

Express Registration- Make participants feel welcome during the Annual Meeting’s Express Registration. Hand out conference packets and assist participants with their badges, all while getting to know your NCURA colleagues.

May I Help You Find Your Meeting Room?- Meet fellow participants by helping them navigate their way through the conference. Help NCURA help others find their way by directing participants to their proper session room. You will be equipped with a map and a “May I Help You Find Your Meeting Room” sign.

NCURA Connect - Share information about some of NCURA's greatest member benefits: Membership Profile, NCURA's Collaborate and many more! Discuss how getting involved on NCURA's professional networking platform helps create connections between NCURA members and enhances the field of research administration Also, talk about the benefits of filling out the Membership Profile and other benefits that NCURA offer to its members!

NCURA Cares - The NCURA Cares Shower Outreach program helps local shelters by creating hygiene kits for the homeless. By donating one night's worth of hotel shower toiletries, participants help provide necessities for a clean shower to those in need. NCURA Volunteers will be collecting these hygiene kits throughout the conference so that we can take them to a local DC shelter at the end of the conference. Volunteer to provide assistance with donation collections and show how NCURA Cares!

Dinner Groups - Continue conversations and make new connections while enjoying a meal with your colleagues. Volunteer to lead a dinner group to a local DC restaurant. NCURA staff will provide sign-up sheets and restaurant information.

Team Twitter/Twitter 101- Are you on twitter and planning to attend NCURA’s Annual Meeting? Volunteer to join Team Twitter, tweet throughout the meeting and help those new to twitter learn what it is all about! As a Twitter 101 Volunteer, you will teach members how to set up a twitter account, find associations, news and how to follow agency information important to their career.

Facebook Fan- Are you active on Facebook and planning to attend NCURA’s Annual Meeting? Volunteer to join our Facebook Fans and post throughout the meeting!

Volunteer a Projector - Bring your projector(s) for use in the meeting rooms throughout each day, and receive a 50% rebate off your conference registration fee. Projectors will be collected during Pre-Registration and should be picked up after the last day's session.

Tech Team - Tech Team members play a key role in ensuring the success of the Annual conference. Provide technical support for conference sessions by setting up laptops and projectors at the beginning of the day and breaking down after the day's last session. As a member of this critical team, you will receive a 50% rebate off your conference registration fee.

Welcome Call to First Time Annual Meeting Attendees -  Have you attended the Annual Meeting before? We need you! We would like to have 40 volunteers to each call and welcome 10 new members/first time attendees of the Annual Meeting! This Volunteer opportunity is for those individuals who have attended the Annual Meeting previously. What does this entail? Calling 10 new members/first time attendees before the conference, and then following up with them after the conference to hear about their experience!

Concurrent Session Evaluator - We want to hear from you! Let us know about your experience by completing a short form about a concurrent session at the meeting.  You can volunteer multiple times for this opportunity.