Federal Contracting Tutorial

Learn at your our pace! Choose the start date that works best for you to begin your access. You will have 10 weeks to complete the lessons and 40 question multiple-choice final exam at your own pace - ALL lessons and the final exam are available from the start.

Since Federal contracts are very different from federal grants, we have developed a thorough overview of this complex process. As a primer it is intended for those new to the federal contracting arena, or who have had very limited exposure. The course was designed around the following learning outcomes:

  • To understand the unique characteristics of federal contracts, their key elements, and how they differ from grants and cooperative agreements;
  • To understand the federal contracting process, including the roles and responsibilities of the principal players;
  • To identify the applicable regulations guiding the federal contracting process, from application through closeout;
  • To introduce the fundamentals of federal contract negotiation;
  • To provide strategies for implementing and managing federal contracts, pre-award through post-award; and
  • To learn to recognize, assess, and manage the risks associated with federal contracts.

The tutorial will offer interactive learning activities as well as knowledge reviews for each lesson. Students should expect to spend approximately 1 hour per lesson. The course will end with a final exam, and offers a downloadable certificate of completion for those who successfully pass the final, scoring 80% or higher. If you do not successfully pass the final you have the option to retake the exam during your enrollment period.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: The Contracting Process
  • Lesson 3: Types of Contracts
  • Lesson 4: Introduction to the FAR
  • Lesson 5: The Contract Solicitation
  • Lesson 6: The Cost Proposal
  • Lesson 7: Contract Issues
  • Lesson 8: Advanced Contract Issues
  • Lesson 9: Contract Negotiation
  • Lesson 10: Contract Administration
  • Lesson 11: Third Party Agreements
  • Lesson 12: Contract Closeout
  • Lesson 13: Audits
  • Lesson 14: Conclusion
  • Final Exam

Developed By

Bo Bogdanski

Vincent A. "Bo" Bogdanski is senior research administrator in the Office of Sponsored Programs at Colorado State University. Bo has been at CSU for seven years after 12 years at the University of Utah in various roles including Assistant Director. He retired from the U. S. Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel with twenty-two years of service and spent over half his military career in contracting and contracting related positions. Bo has taught NCURA Fundamentals and Sponsored Research Administration II , has been a frequent speaker at the NCURA national and regional meetings, was a presenter during the NCURA video conference "Negotiating Federal Contracts and Pass-Through Awards," and is continually asked to give the federal perspective in day-to-day grant and contract activities.

Nancy Daneau

Nancy Daneau is the Assistant Vice President for Research Development, Assessment and Sponsored Programs as well as the Deputy to the Vice President for Research and Research Foundation Operations Manager at Stony Brook University. Nancy is a certified research administrator with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of research administration and has served within departments as well as central administrations in both public and private research institutions including UCLA, Caltech and NYU. Nancy is a member of NCURA's Board of Directors (2012), a graduate of NCURA's Executive Leadership and Leadership Development Programs and has served as moderator, presenter, and faculty member at NCURA regional and national meetings.

Randy Draper

Randy Draper is the Emeritus Director of the Office of Contracts and Grants at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In addition, he has been a research administrator at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Harvard University, and Johnson State College in Vermont. Randy has been a program evaluator, proposal writer, and faculty member. He is a frequent participant on NCURA panels and workshops at national and regional conferences and is a faculty member for the Fundamentals of Sponsored Projects Administration workshop.

David Mayo

David Mayo is the Director of Sponsored Research at the California Institute of Technology. In this capacity, David is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Office of Sponsored Research. In 2002 David came to Caltech from the University of California-Santa Barbara, where he had worked in research administration for over 20 years, starting as a departmental grant manager, and working up to the position of Associate Director of Sponsored Projects. David has a broad knowledge of research administration, but specializes in federal and industrial contracting, intellectual property, policy and procedure development, and training.

David Richardson

David Richardson is the Associate Vice President for Research and Director of Sponsored Programs at Pennsylvania State University where he oversees the pre-award operations. During his career David has served in a variety of research administrative capacities ranging from pre-award administrator to business manager. His experience gained in these capacities has provided him with a fundamental understanding of the institutional, departmental, and investigator perspective for administering sponsored projects. He is very involved in NCURA at both the regional and national level having recently served as the president, regional chair, and on the Board of Directors.