Life Cycle of the Award Series

Award Monitoring / Award Management

April 21, & 28, 2016 * 12:30 - 4:00 pm Eastern Time

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Description: The fifth offering in the Life Cycle of the Award Series focuses on award management strategies and techniques for both the central and departmental research administrator tasked with financial oversight of sponsored awards. This three-hour workshop will focus on what to look for during award initiation and award close out, as well as discuss strategies for how the research administrator can best support the PI during the period of performance to maximize award spending, while effectively managing risk.  Furthermore, this online workshop will review some perennial hot topics such as cost transfers, subaward monitoring, cost sharing and effective and efficient award close outs.

Learning objectives: 
  • Participants will learn techniques for identifying higher risk awards and transactions and what documentation to put in place to support these costs (or when to transfer them off the award) as well as an awareness of when to ask more questions.  
  • Participants will also be introduced to proactive award management strategies that, if applied during the life of the award, will support an efficient and timely close out.

Target Audience:  This basic to intermediate workshop is targeted at both central and departmental research administrators (with 1-5 years of experience) tasked with post award financial oversight of federal and non-federal sponsored awards. 



*Tracey Fraser, Director, Office of Sponsored Projects, Smithsonian Institution 
Patricia Hawk, Assistant Vice President, Sponsored Research and Award Administration, Oregon State University