National Officer- Treasurer


Serves on the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and Chairs the FMC (Financial Management Committee)

The Treasurer-Elect shadows the sitting Treasurer for one year to observe the duties associated with the Treasurer role. After the first year of training, the Treasurer-Elect becomes the sitting Treasurer for two years and joins the NCURA Board of Directors and becomes a member of the Executive Committee as well as chairing the FMC.  After he/she serves these two years as Treasurer, during the fourth year he/she becomes the Past Treasurer and serves on the FMC. The key responsibilities associated with Treasurer/Chair of the FMC position are described below by year.

One calendar year as Treasurer-Elect; two calendar years as Treasurer/Chair of the FMC; one calendar year as Past Treasurer. Total Commitment: 4 Years

Function of Position- The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of NCURA. The position is responsible for coordinating with the Director of Finance and Accounting and the full FMC on the budget process, the investment of funds, the development of fiscal policies and plans, and the oversight of the Council's financial records and accounts during the two years in office.

The Chair of the FMC is responsible for leading the Financial Management Committee. The Chair coordinates all activities of the FMC throughout the year. The Treasurer/Chair of the FMC updates both the Executive Committee and the Board on FMC related issues.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities & % Time Devoted- The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee. In this capacity, the position meets with the other Executive Committee members approximately 4 times a year and with the Board of Directors at least three times per year. A majority of activities are conducted via e-mail and through conference calls. The Treasurer, with the guidance of the FMC, presents the Board the annual budget, investment summaries, financial policies and procedures, and any other financial issues that need discussion by the Board. The Treasurer’s time commitment averages approximately 2.0 days/month.

The Chair meets with the FMC at last 2 times annually and conducts a majority of their business using e-mail and conference calls. This commitment averages approximately 1 day/month. 
Total commitment averages 3.0 days a month.

Qualifications/Requirements -

    1. Knowledge /Skills - A comprehensive understanding of the mission, goals and structure (organizational and administrative) of NCURA; ability to listen to and understand varying points of view; commitment to the professional development of NCURA's members; an ability to facilitate dialogue with the Executive Committee and the Board on financial matters.
    2. Presence/Professionalism - Ability and willingness to deal with individuals with sensitivity, tact and courtesy. Ability and willingness to prioritize topics, thoroughly and actively construct and analyze alternatives, openly consider alternatives presented by others, and make decisions in the organization's best interests.
    3. Education and/or Experience – Accounting degree, with CPA or MBA preferred. Financial expertise is mandatory to perform required tasks. Experience with developing budgets, overseeing investments, and managing various types of financial processes is preferred.  Education and experience in the field of research administration sufficient to promote and support NCURA’s goals and objectives; proven leadership capabilities and experience in diverse, multicultural environments.  Past Financial Committee experience is highly desireable, as is past experience as a Regional Treasure and/or Regional Chair and/or Secretary, on the Board of Directors, or the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee and/or Professional Development Committee.
    4. Membership Status – Must hold a Current Regular Member Status
  1. Training and Support– Completion of the NCURA Executive Leadership Program prior to seeking office will provide a solid foundation and an excellent opportunity to enhance leadership knowledge and skills. The program is particularly helpful due to its intentional focus on leadership topics and skills important to an organization such as NCURA. Support for the Treasurer is available from the NCURA Office and outside investment consultants as needed.

    E. Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement, Travel Requirements) - NCURA reimburses all travel and incidental expenses related to NCURA business, including travel costs incurred when the Treasurer/Chair of FMC is traveling on behalf of the NCURA. In addition, Annual Meeting registration and lodging are covered by NCURA (for each of the two years in office). Upon request, the Treasurer/Chair of FMC's university office receives $500 to help off-set expenses related to their activities for NCURA for each of two years.

    NOTE: NCURA Awards: Current National Officers (President, Vice-President, Immediate Past- President, Treasurer and Secretary) and current NCURA Standing Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs (FMC, N&LDC and PDC) and the Members of the Board are ineligible for nomination for an NCURA Outstanding Achievement in Research Administration Award or for a Distinguished Service Award.