Education Scholarship Fund Select Committee- Member


The Education Scholarship Fund Select Committee (ESF) oversees the NCURA Education Scholarship Fund budgetary, management, and awarding activities.  Select Committee members are confirmed by the NCURA Board of Directors. The goal is to have representation from each of the eight (8) regions.  The Treasurer or designee from the Financial Management Committee should serve as an ex officio on the Select Committee.

Member Position Description

DURATION: Two-year term
1. Function of Position - The Select Committee has responsibility for facilitating fundraising efforts to ensure the Fund maintains the level needed to award scholarships towards master’s degrees in research administration, member application process, application reviews, scholarship award initiation, and scholarship award management oversight.

2. Essential Duties, Responsibilities, & Time Commitment – The ESF will meet monthly via telephone conference call and on an as-needed basis. In addition, much of its work will be accomplished through e-mail and other electronic means such as Collaborate. Approximately four (4) hours per month, averaged across a year, can be anticipated.

3. Qualifications/Requirements
      -Knowledge and/or Skills – An understanding of NCURA's primary mission as a professional development organization and a strong commitment to the growth of the research administration profession.

   -Education and/or Experience – Prior experience with university research administration issues is required. Prior service on NCURA national or regional committees or taskforces is highly desirable.

   -Communication and/or Collaborative Skills – Excellent written and oral communication skills, ability to work collaboratively in a virtual team environment, creative marketing and fundraising skills are preferred, and ability and enthusiasm to highly engage membership in the importance of the ESF.

4. Training and Support - The Chair of ESF and NCURA staff provide necessary orientation and support to ESF members.
5. Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement, Travel Requirements, etc) -  Travel is not anticipated for ESF meetings. However, ESF members are expected to make reasonable efforts to attend the Annual Meeting in order to participate in annual fundraising efforts. Travel to the Annual Meeting will not be reimbursed by NCURA.