Each year, NCURA recognizes one individual at the Annual Meeting who has made significant contributions to the profession of Research Administration and has demonstrated noteworthy service to NCURA by presenting its Robert C. Andresen Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Administration.


Bob’s volunteer work for NCURA was known by many as he worked at the regional, national, and global levels. In addition to serving as NCURA President in 2016, Bob served as National Treasurer, FRA Conference Co-chair, Chair of the Financial Management Committee, Chair of the Nominating & Leadership Development Committee and a Member of the NCURA Board of Directors in addition to many other committees. A long-time NCURA traveling faculty, Bob was one of the developers and faculty of NCURA’s first global workshop that took place in Qatar in 2012. He went on to teach in other areas around the world, including England, Russia, Italy, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. In 2016 Bob led an NCURA delegation to Cuba in an effort to increase collaboration between US and Cuban scientists. Bob was awarded the Gold Award in 2021.



NCURA’s Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC) invites nominations for this prestigious award. Individuals considered for this recognition must be current or past NCURA members and have made 1) noteworthy contributions to NCURA, and 2) significant contributions to the profession of Research Administration, as evidenced in ways such as publications, presentations, teaching, mentoring, and service to one’s home institution/organization or outside organizations. Please note, current National officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and NCURA Standing Committee (FMC, NLDC and PDC) Chairs and Vice Chairs are ineligible for nomination for an Outstanding Achievement in Research Administration Award.

The submission materials include:

  • A letter of nomination (300-400 words) written by someone with personal knowledge of the nominee that states why the individual should be considered for this honor and confirms that the nominee will be available to personally accept the award at the upcoming Annual Meeting;
  • A letter of support from the nominee’s institution/organization that comments on this person’s role in research administration;
  • Up to three letters of support from NCURA members that comment on this person’s role in research administration; and
  • An abbreviated resume of the nominee summarizing educational background and professional service.
  • To re-nominate a previous candidate, please submit a revised letter of nomination and supply copies of past, revised, or new letters of support.

Inquiries regarding the award may be directed to Kathleen Larmett at (202) 466-3894.

All nominations and supporting materials from the nominees must be sent electronically to awards@ncura.edu on or before March 15, 2024.


Stephen Dowdy

University of Maryland, College Park


The award is NCURA’s highest honor and is presented during the Annual Meeting. First awarded in 1994, there have been twenty-seven recipients:

Stephen Dowdy, University of Maryland, College Park
Ann Holmes, University of Maryland, College Park
Judy Fredenberg, University of Montana
Dan Nordquist, Washington State University
Denise Clark, University of Maryland, College Park
David Richardson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Pamela Webb, University of Minnesota
Pamela Whitlock, University of North Carolina at Wilmington (Emeritus)
Jamie Caldwell, Loyola University Chicago
Gunta Liders, University of Rochester
David J. Mayo, California Institute of Technology
Peggy Lowry, Oregon State University (Emeritus)
Jerry Fife, Vanderbilt University
Marianne Rinaldo Woods, University of Texas at San Antonio
Cheryl-Lee Howard, The Johns Hopkins University
Robert Killoren, Jr., The Ohio State University
Mary Ellen Sheridan, University of Chicago
Stephen Hansen, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Kim Moreland, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ada Sue Selwitz, University of Kentucky
Jane Youngers, University of Texas Health Science Center
Mareda Weiss, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Richard Seligman, California Institute of Technology
Ardis Savory, University of South Carolina (Emeritus)
Eric Rude, University of Wisconsin (Emeritus)
George Dummer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dennis Barnes, Southeastern Universities
Tony Merritt, University of Pennsylvania
Julie Norris, Massachusetts Institute of Technology