In an effort to recognize current, or former, federal partners who work diligently to foster and maintain government-university relationships, NCURA annually recognizes a federal employee who has made a significant contribution to research administration – either through a single project, activity, or innovation, or a lifetime of service – with the esteemed Joseph F. Carrabino Award.


A grants officer at the National Science Foundation, Joseph Carrabino passed away in December of 1989, shortly after retiring. Throughout his career, he was a mentor and friend to many university research administrators as he worked to improve the government-university partnership.

Joe’s career and contributions embody the ideal of this award. As a result, it is an honor for NCURA to recognize the contributions of its federal partners, who, like Joe, positively impact research administration and the government-university partnership.


NCURA’s Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC) invites nominations for this award. Eligible nominees are current, or former, federal employees who have made a significant contribution to research administration, either through a single project, activity, or innovation, or by a lifetime of service.

The recipient of the award will be honored publicly at the upcoming NCURA Annual Meeting and will receive a plaque in recognition of his or her contribution to university research administration.

Submission materials for this award are:

  • A letter of nomination describing the nominee’s contribution to university research administration;
  • Two letters of support from individuals familiar with the nominee’s contributions to research administration; and
  • At least two of the three letters in the application packet (the nomination letter and the letters of support), must be written by NCURA members.

All nominations and supporting materials from the nominees must be sent electronically to awards@ncura.edu on or before March 15, 2024.


Axel Wolff, National Institutes of Health
Maria Koszalka, National Science Foundation
Rochelle Ray, National Science Foundation
Cynthia Dwyer, National Institutes of Health
Michelle Bulls, National Institutes of Health
Dr. Patricia Watts, Federal Aviation Administration
Gilbert Tran, Office of Management and Budget
Evelyn Baisey-Thomas, National Science Foundation, Emeritus
Sally Rockey, National Institutes of Health
Mary Santonastasso, National Science Foundation
Mark Herbst, Department of Defense
Joe Ellis, National Institutes of Health
Marcia Hahn, National Institutes of Health
Joanna Rom, National Science Foundation
Debbie Rafi, Office of Naval Research
Thomas Cooley, National Science Foundation
Geoff Grant, National Science Foundation
Chuck Paoletti, Office of Naval Research
Jean Feldman, National Science Foundation