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Awards: Kathleen Larmett
Board of Directors: Kathleen Larmett
Distance Learning: Tara Bishop
National Elections: Kathleen Larmett
Exhibitors: Tracey King
Finance: Ivone Wells
Financial Management Committee: Ivone Wells
Executive Leadership Institute: Tara Bishop
Mailing Labels: Emily Ainsworth
Membership - New and Renewals: Emily Ainsworth
Meeting and Workshop Registration: Krystal Kirkland
Collaborate NCURA: Maggie McCool
NCURA Policy: Kathleen Larmett
Magazine - Advertising: Marc Schiffman
Magazine - Regional News: Marc Schiffman
Magazine - Milestones Column: Marc Schiffman
Nominating & Leadership Development Committee: Emily Ainsworth
Peer Review Program/Peer Advisory Services Megan Fornasar
Professional Development Committee: Tara Bishop
Publication Orders: Marc Schiffman
Regional Communication: Emily Ainsworth
Scheduling of On-campus Workshops: Stephanie McJury
Sponsorship: Tracey King
Volunteering:  Emily Ainsworth