Need help determining which NCURA staff member to contact? Use the guide below to determine who can best answer your questions or reach us at (202) 466-3894.

Area of Interest Contact Person
Awards Kathleen Larmett
Board of Directors Kathleen Larmett
Distance Learning Tara Bishop
National Elections Kathleen Larmett
Exhibitors Tracey King
Finance Ivone Wells
Financial Management Committee Ivone Wells
Executive Leadership Institute Tara Bishop
Mailing Labels Emily Ainsworth
Membership: New and Renewals Emily Ainsworth
Meeting and Workshop Registration Krystal Kirkland
Collaborate NCURA Maggie McCool
NCURA Policy Kathleen Larmett
Magazine: Advertising Marc Schiffman
Magazine: Regional News Marc Schiffman
Magazine: Milestones Column Marc Schiffman
Nominating & Leadership Development Committee Emily Ainsworth
Peer Review Program/Peer Advisory Services Megan Fornasar
Professional Development Committee Tara Bishop
Publication Orders Marc Schiffman
Regional Communication Emily Ainsworth
Scheduling of On-campus Workshops Stephanie McJury
Sponsorship Tracey King
Volunteering Emily Ainsworth
Unsure who to contact? Email us at info@ncura.edu or call us at (202) 466-3894.