National Conference Chair/Co-Chair



This position is a Presidential Appointment.


National Conference, Chair/Co-chair works with a volunteer program committee and the NCURA professional staff to produce a national NCURA conference.

The Chair/Co-chairs report to the NCURA president during the planning of an NCURA national conference. They are responsible for working in concert with a volunteer committee and the NCURA professional staff to enlist knowledgeable speakers who provide educational sessions on research management topics for the conference attendees.


Approximately 9 months.

A. Function of Position –


B. Essential Duties and Responsibilities & % Time Devoted  This position is accomplished through remote meetings during the planning stages both with NCURA’s professional staff and with volunteer committee members.  The Chair/Co-chairs provide guidance to their committee and review suggested sessions proposals to ensure all needed topics are covered.  The amount of time devoted to this position, varies throughout the 9- month period but, requires a minimum of 2 hours per week. Travel to the conference is required.


C. Qualifications/Requirements -

  1. Knowledge /Skills - A comprehensive understanding of the mission, goals and structure (organizational and administrative) of NCURA; ability to listen to and understand varying points of view; commitment to the professional development of NCURA's members; an ability to professionally represent NCURA to other organizations both domestic and global.
  2. Presence/Professionalism - Ability and willingness to deal with individuals with sensitivity, tact and courtesy. Ability and willingness to prioritize topics, thoroughly and actively construct and analyze alternatives, openly consider alternatives presented by others, and make decisions in the organization's best interests.
  3. Education and/or Experience - Education and experience in the field of research administration sufficient to promote and support NCURA’s goals and objectives; proven leadership capabilities and experience in diverse, multicultural environments.
  4. Membership Status – Must hold a Current Member Status

D. Training and Support – The Chair/Co-chairs are supported and guided by the NCURA professional staff.

E.  Additional Information (Benefits, Cost Reimbursement, Travel Requirements) - NCURA reimburses all travel and incidental expenses related to attendance at the national conference.