Certificate Program

NCURA Certificate Program

NCURA is offering a certificate program during the NCURA 60th Annual Meeting, August 5-8, 2018. Registrants of the conference can pick one certificate to earn. You cannot earn multiple certificates during the conference. There are 10 time slots during the conference. Three Ignite sessions count as one timeslot.  Participants must participate in six sessions listed on the worksheet.  The remaining four sessions are considered electives and can be from the certificate you are pursuing or from any track. Sponsor Demonstrations and Breakfast Roundtable sessions do not apply.

-There is no additional fee to participate in the Certificate Program 

-Pre-registration for the program is not necessary.

The following certificates will be available for AM60.  Worksheets to track your progress will be posted below by July 16 and will contain a link to submit your request online.  Please complete your certificate request electronically after the close of the meeting and before August 31. Certificates will be issued electronically by September 7.  


Departmental Research Administration

Global Research Management

Post-Award Research Administration

Pre-Award Research Administration

Note: Incomplete requests will not be eligible for certificates.  

Questions? Please contact Susan McKenna, Senior Meetings Coordinator, mckenna@ncura.edu, (202) 466-3894.