About the Conference


65th Annual Meeting of the Membership

The Annual Meeting of the membership is held in August each year in Washington, DC. Over 2,000 of our 7,000+ members attend.

We begin on August 5th and 6th with pre-conference workshops, which are a supplemental training program open to all registrants of the annual meeting. This in-depth, targeted training and professional development includes offerings for those new to the profession to our most senior level members.  

We then embark on two and a half days of presentations, discussions, open forums and networking opportunities spanning all areas of research administration including, but not limited to, Pre-Award, Post-Award, Compliance, Departmental, Global, Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions, Clinical Trials/Research, and Career-Skills. Attending the Annual Meeting gives our members the opportunity to participate in sessions over a full range of topics to support their need for information in a variety of areas. This annual reunion of the membership also includes our Sunday Night at the Museumkeynote address, Tuesday evening celebration, regional networking events, and numerous volunteer activities that create the opportunities for you to meet and connect with your colleagues and expand your peer network. In addition to the education and networking opportunities the annual meeting provides to members, our sponsor and exhibitor partners will be available to share information on the products and services to support you and your institution. This year, the Meeting will conclude with a half-day optional supplemental training workshop on Wednesday.

We welcome you to Washington, DC!


Tracks (Topics) Offered


  • Clinical/Medical
  • Departmental
  • Executive & Senior Leadership
  • Federal/Sponsors/Agencies
  • Financial/Post-Award
  • Global: U.S. & Non-U.S.
  • Inclusion
  • Industry
  • Pre-Award
  • Professional Growth
  • PUI
  • Research Compliance/Ethics/Integrity
  • Research Development
  • Systems/Data/Intelligence


Types of Education Sessions


Workshops - Saturday, August 5th, Sunday, August 6th and Wednesday, August 9th


Half day hands-on, interactive programs taught by topic area experts. Workshops are supported by multi-media and handouts, and are taught live in a classroom-style setting.

Additional Fee Required

Senior Forums

Senior Forums are intended for participants in senior management positions. Topical basics are presumed known. Discussion will dictate the length and depth of each topic.

Additional Fee Required


Conference Days - August 7-9, 2023

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Sessions are presentations that have question and answer time built in. Concurrent sessions are presented and facilitated by 2-4 presenters, supported by a power point presentation.

Discussion Groups

Informal conversation sessions where presenters facilitate discussion sharing information on a chosen topic. Discussion Groups have two facilitators and do not use handouts, slide decks or multi-media.

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