Dear Colleagues,

Happy Diamond Anniversary NCURA! We are so pleased that you are joining us for NCURA’s 60th Annual Meeting “Demonstrating Resilience and Advancing the Profession.”  Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties (toughness).   Resilient people are alert and aware of their current situation as well as the behaviors and emotional reactions of those around them.  Resilient people also tend to be reliable and dependable.   Research Administrators demonstrate resilience daily as we face deadlines, difficult conversations, personnel turnover and ever-changing policies and regulations (institutional, state, and federal).  As we address daily changes, with a smile on our face, we are able to recognize what we do matters and makes a difference.  Resilience keeps us moving forward.  Attending the annual meeting, surrounded by colleagues who speak our language, also helps in moving us forward!

This meeting is the culmination of the hard work of many individuals including the program committee, NCURA staff, presenters and volunteers.  On behalf of all these individuals, we want to thank you for taking the time to attend.

We encourage you to participate fully in what is offered at AM60.  The program and networking opportunities were developed with you in mind.  It is our hope that, as this meeting unfolds, you will experience both the stellar level of professional development you have come to attribute to an NCURA meeting, as well as the ability to network with friends and colleagues, both new and old. 

So, we welcome you home to the Washington Hilton as we celebrate this milestone in NCURA’s history. 

Yours in supporting research… together!

Tony, Kay, and Robyn

Chair and NCURA Vice President
Tony Ventimiglia, Auburn University
Kay Gilstrap, Georgia State University
Robyn Remotigue, University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth
Program Committee
Clinical Research/Clinical Trials: Joyce Ferland, Massachusetts General Hospital
ComplianceKallie Firestone, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kim Ginn, Baker Tilly
Contracting and Working with IndustryDavid Mayo, California Institute of Technology
Departmental:  Hollie SchreiberOklahoma State University
Laura Letbetter, Georgia State University
Federal & Regulatory: Judy Fredenberg, University of Montana
Suzanne Rivera, Case Western University
Global for US Participants: Janet Simons, University of Maryland- Baltimore
Global for Non-US Participants: Eva Björndal, Karolinska Institutet
Pre-AwardDanielle McElwain, University of South Carolina
Tricia Callahan, Colorado State University
Post-Award: Erin Bailey, University of Buffalo
Jill Griffith, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Predominately Undergraduate InstitutionsMartin Williams, William Paterson University
Professional Development: Human CapitalRosemary Madnick, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Professional Development: TrainingCandice Ferguson, Georgia State University
Research Development:  Gai Doran, Yale University
Senior Level: Bruce Morgan, University of California, Irvine
Pam Whitlock, University of North Carolina (Emeritus)
Workshops: Heather Offhaus, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Samantha Westcott, California Institute of Technology
New Presenter Liaison: Mo Valentine, Ohio University