Top 5 Reasons to Exhibit with NCURA! 

  1. Create new relationships with key decision makers and influencers.
  2. Connect with the people that are involved with revising office policies and managing organization budgets.
  3. Plan your business strategy and talk to participants about what is currently happening on the 'front lines' as well as information on future issues that they are preparing to focus on.
  4. Find new opportunities to build your business and increase your revenue.
  5. Grow your network inside the NCURA Community, the First and Largest Association for Research Administrators. 


About the Annual Meeting 

The Annual Meeting is NCURA's largest conference, which will provide you an opportunity to put your organization in the center of a community looking for solutions and partners. Gathering participants from all over the world, NCURA members will be seeking information on how your company can provide the solutions and partnerships they need.

About NCURA Membership 


  • 5% Vice Presidents/Deans/Provosts
  • 5% Assistant or Associate Vice Presidents/Deans/Provosts
  • 15% Directors
  • 15% Managers
  • 15% Compliance Officers
  • 15% Accountants
  • 30% Administrators


  • 12% Central Pre-Award Offices
  • 12% Central Post-Award Offices
  • 43% Central Combined Offices
  • 33% College/Department, or Center

Click here for registration information for the 63rd Annual Meeting! 


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