Bulk Registration Packages


Bulk Registration Packages

For Every Group of 5 Registrations, receive a 10% Discount!
For Every Group of 20 Registrations, Receive a 15% Discount!

When an NCURA member purchases the Bulk Member Package, 5 or 20 registrants from their Institution receives a 10%-15% discount off the member rate, $440.00, whether the individuals are an NCURA member or not!

*When an NCURA Non-Member purchases the Bulk Non-Member Package, 5 or 20 registrants from their Institution receives a 10%-15% discount off the Non-Member rate, of $528 per person! 
(If you have an NCURA member on your team, have them purchase the package so everyone can enjoy the NCURA Member rate!)


Bulk registration



For Every Group of 5 registrants



For Every Group of 20 registrants




Note: Only one person should register online for each bulk package needed.  Example: Registration for 5 participants only requires registering one person for a bulk package - preferably a current NCURA member! Your payment confirmation page will include a link to submit the contact information for the 5 or 20 registrants.

Questions? Contact Krystal Kirkland at kirkland@ncura.edu



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Bulk Package Cancellation Policy

Full Bulk Package cancellations can be made online or in writing and must be received to the NCURA office by February 26, 2021. Email, fax and telephone cancellation requests cannot be accepted. An administrative fee of $50 will be assessed for full bulk package cancellations. If a partial refund for your bulk package is requested due to decrease in registrants from your institution, it must be received by February 26, 2021. Partial refund requests for bulk packages will assess a $50 administrative fee, as well as, an additional fee for any price differences from ineligibility of the special bulk rate. For example: If you purchased a bulk package for 5 registrations and request a cancellation for 1 registration included in your package, your refund amount will be deducted any additional registration fees you would have assessed if you purchased 4 individual registrations.


Bulk Package Transfer Policy

Participants from bulk packages unable to attend may transfer their registration to another individual with prior notice to NCURA. For a registration transfer, please contact Krystal Kirkland, Kirkland@ncura.edu. Transfer requests are to be received by February 26, 2021.