Welcome from the Program Chairs

Welcome to NCURA FRA 2023

Dear Colleagues,

“The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new” – Socrates.

The dictionary (or should we now say Google) defines change as "to make (someone or something); alter or modify." Change is like a game of chance. It is about rolling the dice where there can be many outcomes. As research administrators, we are accustomed to changing; however, the word change seemed to take on a new meaning post-COVID as institutions began to pivot back to what may have become a new normal for many of us. When institutions began the return to work process, the work environment may have changed from in-person to fully remote or hybrid. With these changes came new directives on what would need to be implemented in the post-COVID work environment. It involved innovative ways to move projects forward and reduce barriers while meeting deadlines. It has been a time when collaboration with colleagues, faculty, staff, vendors, or contractors is imperative for being productive. And it is time for execution, to put the best practices you have learned in place.

The 2023 NCURA Financial Research Administration (FRA) Conference theme Rolling the DICE (Direction, Innovation, Collaboration, and Execution) towards Research Administration Success provides a foundation to learn from colleagues through workshops, sessions, discussion groups, peer-to-peer networking all while building upon your knowledge base. Whether you are just starting your journey in financial research administration or are a seasoned research administrator, this conference will provide the opportunity to learn, augment knowledge, engage in conversations, and be inspired. The 2023 curriculum offers many sessions related to Accounting/Finance, Clinical/Medical, Human Capital/Career Development, Departmental, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Federal, Compliance/Audit, Global, Cost, and sessions geared towards Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs).

Finally, this conference would not be possible without the tremendous efforts by colleagues within the NCURA organization and the outstanding work of the FRA committee members, the presenters, and each of the attendees,- To each of you, we say thank you.

Thank you for rolling the dice and taking a chance on FRA 2023. We hope you enjoy the conference experience and all it encompasses. And remember, whatever you learn in Vegas, should definitely NOT stay in Vegas!

Your Co-Chairs

Erin Bailey & A. Chea Smith    

Erin Bailey
A. Chea Smith


2023 FRA Program Committee

Accounting and Finance
Albana Cejne, Princeton University
Vivian Thomas-McClain, Rutgers the State University of New Jersey Central Office
Career Development
Tolise Dailey, Duke University
Timothy Schailey, Thomas Jefferson University
Glenda Bullock, Washington University in St. Louis
Randi Wasik, University of Massachusetts Medical School at Worcester
Debra Murray, University of Maryland, College Park
Kay Gilstrap, Georgia State University
Shuna McMichael, Occidental College
Diversity Equity and Inclusion
Benjamin Garvin, Harvard University
Lamar Oglesby, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Marianne Woods, Johns Hopkins University
David Schultz, University of Houston
Financial Compliance
Georgetta Dennis, University of Chicago
Jeremy Forsberg, The University of Texas at Arlington
Eva Bjorndal, King's College London
Jaquion Gholston, Stevens Institute of Technology
Magui Cardona, University of Baltimore
Rashonda Harris, University of Connecticut


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