If you are an NCURA member interested in volunteering for any of the opportunities listed, visit NCURA's Volunteer Central. 

If you are a non-member interested in volunteering, or you have any questions about membership or ways to get involved, please email mccool@ncura.edu

Have you attended the PRA Conference? We need you! We would like to have 30 volunteers to each call and welcome 10 new members/first time attendees of the 2021 PRA Conference! This Volunteer opportunity is for those individuals who have attended the FRA or PRA Conference previously. What does this entail? Calling 10  new members/first time attendees between February 3 - February 24 to help answer their questions and share your knowledge of the conference, along with a follow-up call after the conference to check in about their experience.

Are you active on social media and planning to attend the 2021 PRA Conference? Volunteer to join 2021 PRA Facebook Fans and post throughout the meeting!

What did you think of that last session? Which one was the most helpful? Tell us what you thought about the concurrent sessions of this year's PRA Conference! We are always striving to improve the content of our meetings and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Download the evaluation questionnaire, and email it to us at king@ncura.edu.

Interested in getting involved, and networking all at the same time? Choose a session you are interested in attending, and assist the presenters in getting the conversation going in the chat feature during the session. Some people hesitate to ask a question. As a volunteer chatter, you will encourage questions by posting in the chat box and getting people started.

Looking to network with your peers before the start of NCURA's Pre-Award Research Administration Conference? Become a Collaborate Community Contributor! In this role you will join NCURA's Pre-Award Research Administration Conference Collaborate Community for the two weeks leading up to the conference and contribute to the pre-conference conversation with your peers. Post your own ideas, questions, or resources, or respond to posts made by fellow conference attendees, to drive conversation and foster an inclusive networking environment.

Collaborate is NCURA’s online networking platform, and a community hosts discussion posts and resources around a specific topic. To learn more about Collaborate, please visit our FAQs page here: https://collaborate.ncura.edu/faqs Add a tag Add a tag