If you are an NCURA member interested in volunteering for any of the opportunities listed, visit NCURA's Volunteer Central. 

If you are a non-member interested in volunteering, or you have any questions about membership or ways to get involved, please email Audrey Nwosu at nwosu@ncura.edu

Bring your projector(s) for use in the meeting rooms throughout each day and receive a 50% rebate off your conference registration fee. Projectors will be dropped off and collected from March 16th – March 22nd, 2024 and should be picked up after the last day's session on March 22nd, 2024. Projectors must have at least 2500 lumens to ensure they work properly in large rooms, projectors with HDMI ports are highly encouraged. With the high interest of this opportunity we are allowing 1 projector donation per person. We appreciate your help to make the FRA/PRA Conferences great!

1.  Register for the Pre-Award Administration Conference

2. Apply for the volunteer opportunity through our Collaborate Volunteer Central site 

3. Confirmation of volunteer opportunity and logistics will be sent to you via email

4. 50% rebate credit will be given back after the PRA Conference has concluded. Please expect 2-3 weeks for the refund to be credited back to the payment type used to purchase the registration.

 If you have any questions, please contact Audrey Nwosu, at nwosu@ncura.edu

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