Certificate Program

NCURA is offering a certificate program during the PRA Conference, March 5-6, 2020.  Registrants of the conference can pick one certificate to earn. You cannot earn multiple certificates during one conference and must attend the conference in its entirety. There are 8 time slots during the conference.  Participants must attend 8 total sessions, 5 sessions in their certificate area, and the other 3 sessions are considered electives and can be in any track. Workshops and breakfast connects do not apply. 


Steps to participate:

  1. Register for the conference. There is no additional fee to request a certificate.
  2. Identify the certificate you wish to earn. Final session lists and times and worksheets to track your certificate will be available on this page by February 27, 2020. Print your worksheet before attending the conference to help you plan and to track your progress.
  3. Attend one eligible concurrent session or discussion group during each of the 8 timeslots. At least 5 of the 8 sessions must be listed on the worksheet.  For the remaining 3 time slots, you can choose from the worksheet, or from another area of interest. You will record your sessions and submit online. The URL will be included on the worksheet you will use to keep track of your sessions on site at the conference.
  4. Complete your certificate request electronically by April 3, 2020.  Certificates will be issued by April 17th.  


The following certificates are available for PRA 2020.  Final worksheets, including the links to submit your sessions, will be posted by Friday, February 28, 2020.


Career Development






Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions

Research Development

Senior Leadership

Sponsored Research Administration


Note: Maximum of one certificate per person per conference. Incomplete or late requests will not be eligible for certificates. Questions? Please contact Tracey Kingking@ncura.edu.

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