Welcome to NCURA PRA 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 15th Annual Pre-Award Research Administration (PRA) Conference! While this year PRA will have a virtual format, we are excited for a meeting that will be as robust as prior in-person events.

Our theme “Stronger Together” reflects how our profession positively responds to challenges, how our members are always willing to share their knowledge and perspectives, and how we value the diversity of our membership to promote equity and inclusion.  We are looking forward to a program that goes beyond mere training or professional development sessions.  Our program committee has planned an engaging agenda to strengthen competencies and knowledge for individual members while jointly strengthening our profession and association.  While distance will keep us apart during the PRA Conference, you will finish with a sense of community, camaraderie and that we are, indeed, stronger together.

The diversity of our membership and the willingness of members to share their knowledge and experiences are what we are counting on with our WORKSHOPS AND EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS.   Everyone will gain insight whether they are new to the profession or a seasoned veteran as we have the hot topics and federal topics covered for large academic medical centers to the PUI’s.   Grant development, management and research compliance topics will remind you that you are not alone in the quest to stay abreast of our constantly changing research administration landscape.

Within the DISCUSSION PANELS AND NETWORKING EVENTS you will have the opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the globe and to customize your own experience.  Whether you are looking to implement best practices, restore your well-being, make a change to your career path, or continue to expand your knowledge in a core area, TOGETHER we have it covered.

We can’t wait to come together and strengthen our professional networks to support our local and global research endeavors with PRA 2021!

Supporting Research…together,

Roger Wareham and Angela Wishon

Program Committee

Glenda Bullock
Washington University in St. Louis
Natalie Buys
University of Colorado Denver
Jamie Caldwell
University of Kansas Medical Center
Amy Cuhel-Schuckers
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Jean Feldman
National Science Foundation
Melinda Fischer
Clemson University
Jeremy Forsberg
University of Texas at Arlington
Sandra Fowler
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Stef Friesen
Stefania Grotti
Politecnico di Milano
Cindy Hope
Georgia Institute of Technology
Andrea Marshall
University of Texas at Austin
Kristen Massey
University of Tennessee
Jeremy Miner
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Anne Pascucci
Christopher Newport University
Katie Plum
Angelo State University
Susie Sedwick
Amanda Snyder
University of Washington
Christina Stanger
MedStar Health Research Institute
Jorge Vazquez
Tim Woodward