Networking at the NCURA 15th Annual PRA Conference

When two or more people begin to discuss topics on a deeper and personal level, the NCURA Pre-Award Research Administration Conference moves from being successful…to irreplaceable!



Participating in the NCURA 15th Annual Pre-Award Research Administration Conference gives you a unique opportunity to network with Research Administrators who face the same day-to-day issues as you. 

How do you network in a virtual setting? Take advantage of the breaks, and choose to participate in the group chat on the main page of the virtual platform and in all of the Q&A live conversations via zoom following each session.  There will be more networking opportunities to come, so check back to this page, and the online program as events are added!

There are a number of benefits to networking with your colleagues at NCURA’s PRA Conference:

 Brainstorming – If two heads are better than one – just imagine how much better 20 or 30 heads will be. By networking with other people in your same situation you can uncover new solutions, new ideas and even new ways of looking at situations.

 Recharge – Comparing notes with other professionals helps to reinvigorate your enthusiasm. You are not alone!

 Contacts – Establishing a contact list of people you have personally met through networking at NCURA’s 15th Annual PRA Conference makes future communications more personal whether it’s a call for information or a question.

 Resource Sharing – Connecting with other Research Administrators on a first name basis makes sharing resources easy and helps ideas flow!

 Make New Friends – It is not an unusual phenomenon for long-lasting friendships to originate at NCURA Conferences! 

NCURA’s 15th Annual PRA Conference creates an excellent platform to network, share stories and experiences, ask for advice and generally compare notes. You can learn new techniques and different ways to approach situations. We encourage you to take advantage of the social time away from the business agenda to mix and interact with colleagues and put faces to names, which is just as important as all the information you will take away from the conference.