About the Conference


18th Pre-Award Research Administration Conference

The Pre-Award Research Administration Conference (PRA) will be held March 21-22, 2024, following the Financial Research Administration Conference (FRA) on March 18-19, 2024. Shared Workshop day will be held between the two conferences, on Wednesday, March 20th. This schedule allows both FRA and PRA participants a chance to register for a topic in a learning area outside of your expertise 

Join us for the Keynote on March 21st, two days of presentations, discussion groups, and networking opportunities spanning a wide array of pre-award issues in Research Administration. NCURA members enjoy a discounted registration fee, and the conference is open to all individuals in the Research Administration community.


Tracks (Topics) Offered


  • Compliance
  • Finance for Pre-Award
  • Industry/Clinical
  • Departmental
  • Global
  • Research Development/PUI
  • Federal/Sponsors
  • Human Capital


Types of Education Sessions


Shared Workshop Day - Wednesday, March 20


Half day hands-on, interactive programs taught by topic area experts. Workshops are supported by multi-media and handouts, and are taught live in a classroom-style setting.

Additional Fee Required

Senior Forums

Senior Forums are intended for participants in senior management positions. Topical basics are presumed known. Discussion will dictate the length and depth of each topic.

Additional Fee Required


Conference Days - March 21 - 22

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Sessions are presentations that have question and answer time built in. Concurrent sessions are presented and facilitated by 2-4 presenters, supported by a power point presentation.

Discussion Groups

Informal conversation sessions where presenters facilitate discussion sharing information on a chosen topic. Discussion Groups have two facilitators and do not use handouts, slide decks or multi-media. 

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