Program Level: Advanced


Pre-Requisites: Participants should have a level of experience of at least 3-5 years in a management position. Participants should have a level of experience of 5 years in the research administration profession.

Advanced Preparation/Pre-Work: All attendees are required to do 2-3 hours of advance work in preparation for this workshop.  This work will include reading materials, watching videos, and limited written work. 

Field of Study: Personal Development - Non-technical 

Delivery Method:  Group-Live

Additional Resources:

Senior Level Workshop
Research Administration - The Practical Side of Leadership

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For many involved in sponsored programs administration, moving into a leadership position is a goal.  While a wealth of information is available on leadership, this workshop is focused on the practical aspects of leadership in the research administration profession. The workshop will be valuable for managing your career path to reach your goal, for enhancing your existing leadership skills, or for building strengths as a senior research administrator.

Each workshop is led by nationally recognized and experienced research administrators who are in leadership positions. The workshop will focus on the practicalities and techniques necessary to direct sponsored program areas and to provide a common direction among stakeholders. This workshop will assist participants in understanding the skill sets that will help you direct an office of research administration, allow you to take on an expanded leadership role, or help you advance to a position as a senior staff member.  The workshop will be in a discussion format and participant interaction will be paramount.

Topics of Study as related to Research Administration:

1.    Leadership and Management   

2.     Communication 

3.     Research Administration Metrics

4.     Roles and Responsibilities Management 

5.     Goal and Priority Setting 

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