Departmental Research Administration

2021 DRA Workshop Dates:
Tuesday, January 26, 2021 - Friday, January 29, 2021


NCURA is proud to offer the Departmental Research Administration Workshop, a workshop geared specifically towards the unit-level professional administrator. Unit-level administrators, or departmental research administrators (DRAs), who work at the department and college levels face unique challenges and a wide range of responsibilities and functions while managing research portfolios. DRAs must have expertise in both pre- and post-award activities. DRAs are distinguished from other research support functions because they are intimately involved with all facets of the research administration process, including daily interactions with faculty, while concurrently managing other department-specific responsibilities.

This program examines the essential elements of research administration, with a specific focus on the highly specialized skills needed to manage research effectively at the unit level. The program will employ practical applications to enhance critical thinking skills, and will apply best practices for research faculty support and other departmental day-to-day activities.

The DRA workshop is taught by experienced thought leaders in departmental research administration, who will share their real-life experiences. Instructors will also explain regulations, and inform how policies and procedures guide and support the stewardship of your institution’s sponsored awards.

DRA Participant Testimonials

"There was not a circumstance or situation that I as DRA have or will likely encounter that was not touched upon. The faculty provided me with options in terms of possible responses while adhering to the uniform guidelines. They were truly creative and innovative subject matter experts. Just an overall fabulous team. I am proud to be an NCURA member."

Belinda Beach, Northwestern University

"Engaging and relatable. They were able to bring levity and personality to a somewhat dry subject. Well done!"

Jen Ramsey, Florida State University

"I was very impressed with content and knowledge of the presenters. I felt it was of great benefit to my professional knowledge and consequently, my organization."

Stacy Holloway, Emory University

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