Poster Sessions

Virtual AM62 Poster Sessions

See the Posters Being Presented in the Virtual Poster Hall for AM62 here!


NCURA's 62nd Annual Conference Poster Program 

is an opportunity for individuals to share their new, innovative ideas and achievements with their colleagues. NCURA offers dedicated times for poster presenters to present and discuss their posters with the diverse group of attendees. Presenting a poster at NCURA’s Annual Conference is a noteworthy way to share expertise or accomplishment in a specific area while contributing to research administration. Please consider participating in this great event and becoming an integral part of NCURA’s Annual Conference.

Poster presentations will be held in the virtual exhibit hall.  Please note, your presentation can be in various formats (PDF, Video, Image, Power Point, etc).  Because posters are evaluated partially on their layout, NCURA does not suggest a format or layout to the poster information.


Submission of the Poster

Please review the Abstract & Description Submission Guidelines for complete instructions: see guidance here.

To submit your Poster Submission Form, click here.

You may submit your abstract for acceptance before registering for the conference.  At least one of the poster's authors must be a registered conference attendee.  Click Here to register for the conference.

Deadline for submission: July 19, 2020
Final Committee Acceptances will be made with notification week to week, and no later than July 22, 2020.


If Selected

Presenters will be provided a confirmation letter the second week in July, with a link to the virtual exhibit/poster hall, with instructions for uploading and editing the poster presentation.  The poster can be presented in various formats to support the innovations (PDF, Video, Image, etc).  The recommended text should be in a font large enough to be visible on a laptop, and may take some adjusting once uploaded.  Accepted posters will be displayed during the Annual Meeting, August 11-14 from 1:00-5:00pm EDT, with conference designated times for presenters to accompany posters to host a chat and communicate with participants about their innovation.


Posters will be judged by both attendees and a review committee, with Awards presented during the meeting.


Awards will be presented durng the closig Ceremonies, for Best Poster, 2nd and 3rd place.  

Awards Terms and Conditions for Poster Submissions

  • This year, the Virtual Experience for AM62 is open to the full Research Community.  Poster presentations may be submitted by NCURA members and nonmembers.  If selected, at least one presenter must register for the 62nd Annual Meeting, Virtual Experience.
  • The Poster Session will be open to the press. Submission of a poster presentation for review, implies permission for media coverage and publicly available online.
  • Authors are limited to 1 poster as a “Lead” Presenter
  • Selection decisions are final
  • A Poster submission is taken as an agreement to present an accepted format at the scheduled time.
  • By this submission, I certify that my submitted abstract and poster is an original work and have no prior ownership or copyright restrictions. I certify that the abstract and poster are not previously copyrighted. I give NCURA authority to reproduce and publish my abstract in their annual conference program and proceedings of the meeting. I shall hold NCURA harmless from any breach of this warranty.

Poster Content and Development questions may be directed to:

David Smelser, dsmelser@utk.edu

Donna Smith, dsmith23@mgh.harvard.edu