Level II: Sponsored Project Administration

Learning Objectives:

What can a research administrator expect to glean from the SPA II experience? At the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Identify current areas of risk in the research and sponsored projects environment;
  • Describe effective internal control models to minimize institutional risks;
  • Effectively review project budgets to comply with cost principles and standards;
  • Explain the basis for policies and procedures on effort reporting, cost transfers, cost sharing, and post award financial matters;
  • Identify problematic clauses in agreements and suggest alternative language;
  • Understand the prime award recipient’s responsibilities related to subrecipients;
  • Discuss the basics of federal export control regulations and sanction programs that can impact your institution;
  • Practice techniques for identifying risk areas to assist with problem-solving; and
  • Expand your network of research administration colleagues, who can help you resolve problems or guide your professional development
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