Financial Research Administration

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply the principles of the federal Uniform Guidance that govern Federally sponsored agreements to work at their home institutions, including costing at the pre-award and post-award stage;
  • Recognize the interrelationship between federal regulations and the management of non-federal awards;
  • Understand the basics of internal controls and risk assessment;
  • Articulate the concepts of allocability, necessity, reasonableness, and allowability;
  • Recognize the various roles and responsibilities of principal investigators, departmental research administrators and central office research administrators;
  • Understand the key financial issues in award management, including budgeting, expenditures cost sharing, cost transfers, documentation of personnel expense, cash management, financial reporting and closeout;
  • Understand the mechanics of facilities and administrative cost recovery and service centers as they relate to sponsored agreements;
  • Perform required subrecipient monitoring for federally sponsored awards;
  • Take away “lessons learned” from Federal audits to help your institutions manage the high risk financial issues in award management;
  • Be aware of advanced and emerging topics such as international issues, recent audits and changes in the regulatory environment;
  • Network with research administration personnel.
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