Content Building

Design and Structure:

Rhetoric Isn’t A Bad Thing: How to Talk Like Steve Jobs

15 Recommendations for Designing and Delivering Effective Conference Presentations (Make it Interactive!)

How-To-Make Awesome Diagrams for Your Slides: A slideshow on Making Effective Diagrams

Five Killer Ways to Design the Same Slide: a demonstration of creating high impact visuals

Steal This Presentation: a pro-guide to making a stunning PowerPoint 

8 Great Suggestions on How to Make Great PowerPoint Slides

What Would Steve Do? 10 Lessons from the World's Most Captivating Presenters: slideshow with lessons on how to present like Steve Jobs

17 Tricks to Master PowerPoint: get the most out of PowerPoint 

TED Talk: Nancy Duarte breaks down the structure of great talks. “You’re not Luke Skywalker; you, as the presenter, are Yoda.” 

John Bohannon offers a radical alternative to PowerPoint

TED Talk: Simon Sinek on inspiring your audiences by getting them to believe what you believe

A Model of Learning Objectives

10 Most Common Rookie Mistakes in Public Speaking (for rookies and experts)


Adding Data:

How to Choose the Best Data For Your Chart

Process and Preparation:

You Could Be A Better Presenter: a surefire guide to improving your presenting skills

What’s the Problem with Creating a Powerpoint?: an editorial that may change the way you think about using PowerPoint

How to Speak Like  A Pro Even if it’s Your First Time

A comprehensive website with tips for every step of the public speaking process, from developing the idea of your speech to dealing with a goof-up, to entertaining your audience

Caroline Goyder, a professional voice coach:  Open a Drawer Within Yourself to Find Your Voice

Six Things to Know About Adult Learners







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