Safety/Security Tips for Conference Attendees

Enhance your experience at the 14th Annual Pre-Award Research Administration Conference, by staying safe.

Below are some tips and recommendations while traveling and during your stay. 


Conference Center Address:

Puerto Rico Convention Center

100 Bulevar Saint John

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907


In the case of a true medical emergency:

        Dial 76911 from a Hotel house phone

Dial 911 from your cell phone



Travel/Offsite Tips:

  • When leaving your hotel room, lock up valuables in safe or safety deposit box.
  • Do not carry your passport with you once you arrive. Lock up your passport in hotel safe. If you would like to have identification on you, make a copy of your passport.
  • Do not bring all your cash with you when you leave the hotel. Consider locking a portion in the hotel sleeping room safe or a safety deposit box. 
  • Provide your itinerary to someone back at home/office.
  • When leaving the hotel in the evening, place your conference badge in your purse or pocket. Leave your conference bag in your hotel room until you depart. 
  • Walk on well-lit and populated streets.
  • Avoid street solicitors and do not feel inclined to provide monetary fund. Feel comfortable saying "no." 
  • When carrying a purse, ensure it is being carried securely under your arm.



Hotel Safety:

  • Never leave your door ajar when stepping out of your hotel room.
  • Never write your hotel room number on your hotel key.
  • Do not answer the door without checking the peephole and asking who is there.
  • Evaluate the nearest exit from your hotel room and in conference meeting rooms.
  • Identify the nearest fire extinguishers on your hotel floor and in the meeting space.
  • While attending the NCURA conference or conference related events, please wear your name badge at all times. Should you lose your badge, inform the NCURA registration desk immediately.
  • Do not allow anyone access to use your name badge at any time. 
  • Should you find a name badge, return it to NCURA’s registration desk.
  • Fill out the emergency information on the back of your name badge.
  • Report any suspicious activity to hotel security, hotel management or an NCURA representative. 


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Area Hospitals:

Hospital Pavia Santurce

1456 Calle Prof. Augusto Rodriguez

San Juan, PR 00909


Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital

1451 Ave Dr. Ashford

San Juan, PR 00907


Doctors' Center Hospital - San Juan

1395 Calle San Rafael

San Juan, PR 00909



*The Puerto Rico Convention Center & NCURA do not intend for this list to be an endorsement for particular medical providers, nor is it a guarantee/representation of the quality of care. 

Medical Clinics:

Dr. Gualberto Rabell Health Center

900 Calle Cerra

San Juan, PR 00907



San Juan Fire Station - Santurce


San Juan Police Department:

Policia de Puerto Rico - Precinto 266 - Santurce